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This doc compiles a lot of sources and information, including many directly from Chinese state sources. If you've been told that this is a CIA op, that it's just one guy making it all up, this doc is for you.

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Hello, I just switched instances, though I'm making a bit of a fresh start. Not doing a full migration.

I'm a pansexual anarchist who likes computers and feeding people. No gods no masters, arm trans women, etc. Other various interests include souls-like games, languages, and biology.

Looking forward to getting to know this new instance!

CW Chauvin trial 

From birdsite @AggiHnic

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i think @Jaded_maple905 is pretty cool tbh. i think we're lucky to have him on board here on this instance

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Apparently since it's the topic of the day, and Americans need reminded that the political depth in this country. Looks like a cheap plastic shallow pool full, of low grade crystal meth.

Even the Global NeoLiberal party cannot subscribe to the American DNC. Because it is that right wing. And NeoLiberalism is considered a very right wing ideology.

Oh, and they consider the RNC to be outright NeoNazi's at this point...

Other countries also register the American flag as a Swastika.

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Tusky crashes whenever I try to open my notifications :ms_crying:

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Horseshoe theory refers to the idea that leftists will never achieve anything because we’re too busy beating each other to death with horseshoes

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knocking over my opponents' king at the start of the game and saying that God smote him down because he was false

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oh yeah and both capitalism and state socialist systems are ableist for classifying the worth of a person by their productive output or the productive output of units of people


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Capitalism and State Socialism have the same problem with repressing science and our possible futures. Reading exercise: go through this Graeber piece and try to imagine what factors under the soviet union were involved in repressing scientific advancement because it threatened the power structure and ruling ideology.

here's a hint on one place where you can start imagining:

Anyways remember that if you joke about dissapearing/killing scientists under whatever tankie agenda you advocate for, that you are only reproducing the technological suppression of Capitalism.

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If you really want to help people's privacy, then instead of blocking FLoC just skip a few steps and block people using Google Chrome.

You should show them a page explaining that Chrome is shit and they can't use your page until they get a better browser.

Otherwise you're clearly complicit in privacy invasion /s

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So, ball’s in your court, web server developers.

Are you going to add a one-line header, by default, to your server responses to protect people from being tracked by Google or not?

Adding it to Site.js took 5 minutes or work:

Do you care?


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me: encounters the word "tristate"
brain: ah yes a portmanteau between "tristan" and "prostate"
me: no
brain: yeah
me: it's not!!
brain: okay then what is it

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Site.js 16.4.0 released

Tells Google to not track you in Chrome.

Note: any web server that doesn’t automatically do this doesn’t care about your privacy.

Also note: If you’re reading this, do not use Chrome.

Finally, fuck Google!

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #SiteJS #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism

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today, have the unearned confidence of the early christian Marcion, who edited the gospels down to one. what did this absolute lad name that one book? "the Gospel of Marcion"

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Bitcoin (and proof of work mining in general) is a crime against humanity.

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me when people complain about anarchists 😬
me when they specify online anarchists 😏
me when i realize im online 😬

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