I have been meaning to ask, what are your pronouns?

Please select the first group of letters in the alphabet that corresponds to the letter index 0 of your pronouns.

We can figure this out, I believe in you ALBANGO!

That was very helpful, thanks! Let's narrow it down.

What's the first letter of your first pronoun?

T. Very good. Time to continue to the next letter!

What's the section of the alphabet that contains the second letter of your first pronoun?


You know the drill, now let's see which letter it is!

Remember, this is the second letter of your first pronoun.


Okay, a respectable answer.

Now what's the third character of your first pronoun, if any?


The saga continues.

Which letter best expresses the third letter of your pronoun?


Chevron 3 encoded!

On to the next letter.

What's the letter group best representing the fourth letter of your first pronoun, if any?


Nice. Very nice. We just need to figure out which specific letter this is.

What's the 4th letter of your first pronoun?


Just going to take this opportunity to reiterate that this is just the first pronoun and you'll be able to add another as needed. No reason for mentioning right now but wanted to clarify.

Anyway, so far we have THAT as your first pronoun. Any more letters? Choose the group of letters you want for your first pronoun.


(sorry for posting this late)

All right. We are ready to make another decision. Which letter is best as the next letter for your first pronoun, or are we done with this one?

We can pick another pronoun next if you pick


Okay, now time for a special runoff vote.

Do we continue with THATJ?
Do we finish this first pronoun and begin another?
Are we done with all pronouns, leaving the sole pronoun as THAT?

First pronoun is locked as "THAT". Good job.

But it seems our work is not done. We must discover the next pronoun.

What is the letter group that best represents the first letter of your second pronoun?

Time to continue...

This is your second pronoun at stake. Which letter do you choose to start it off?



THAT/B... interesting. Let's see where this goes.

What's the next letter in your second pronoun?


Which is it???

What's the second letter of your second pronoun?




Pretty unanimous. That's good. Probably. I wonder where this could possibly be leading? What's the letter group containing the third letter of your second pronoun? THAT/BI_ There have been requests to cut this short and just put full words into the poll, but let's just say the answer is NO

Okie dokie.

What's the third letter of your second pronoun?


@aeva @kescher @vv we must overcome the unwashed masses and end the letter selection while there's still time!

@zalasur @kescher @vv there might be other good words though. be open minded


list of words 

@aeva @zalasur @kescher @vv bitarray, (cursed, but still listing it:) bitcoin, bite(e/r/y/able), bittersweet, bitzer, bitectiporid, bitegmic, bitentaculate, biterminal, bitesticular, bitransgenic, …


@trisschen @aeva @zalasur @kescher @vv Let’s end the word, „that/bit“ is cool. 😅

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