What non-Firefox non-Brave non-Edge non-Chrome/Chromium are people using on / lately? Regardless if it's using Google's blink rendering engine or not.

I find myself back on Falkon recently but there must be some interesting options im missing.

Boosts welcome.

@trashheap i used epiphany for a bit until i realised u could add user chrome to make firefox look like a gnome app

@trashheap Gnome Web here. Not a lot though but I always have it at hand.

@trashheap Another Falkon operative here. It has occasional weird moments but is generally decent.

I wonder if Epiphany (AKA GNOME Web) counts. Itʼs based on WebKit. I donʼt use it as a daily driver, but i often open it. I even test sites i make in it, just in case.

@trashheap e- you meant - gnome web, some gemini client and elinks, yes?

I wouldn't call Falkon "non-Chrome/Chromium":

Falkon is a KDE web browser using QtWebEngine rendering engine,

Qt WebEngine integrates Chromium's fast moving web capabilities into Qt.

@etam Im aware

Thus the disclaimer about the blink rendering engine. (Chrome's rendering engine).

@trashheap konqueror (qtwebengine, which uses parts of chrome but isn't just a chrome fork) has been doing what I need it to, and Vieb (Electron (Chrome)) has a feature called Erwic mode that lets me make desktop apps for stuff.

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