@TheoEsc I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this was meant to be a joke?

I'm not sure I get it?

@ajroach42 Sorry, was supposed to be a joke, didn't mean to offend

@ajroach42 I'm 49. There are exceptions, but the older people get, the more cynical and hostile they get to current technology (and fashion and musical styles and movies and pretty much everything) and the more they prefer the past

@TheoEsc I guess I could see how this could be true.

But also, technology products have objectively gotten less adventurous and more homogeneous since 2010 or so.

Lots of interesting technology products have been decimated, destroyed, or consumed by the surveillance state.

Hardware is just a commodity now. Software is mostly a commodity now. I see very few things in the tech world which inspire me.

I am generally more cynical and hostile than I was 10 years ago, but I think the world is also a more cynical and hostile place?

Difficult to say objectively how much of that is due to age, because anyone who has lived through it has gotten older, and anyone who didn't live through it, doesn't have the perspective to discuss it.

@ajroach42 @TheoEsc I've been wrestling with the same feelings. Usually articulated as 'technology doesn't excite me anymore.'

It's a real phenomena driven by the consolidation of tech. Microsoft burned most of their competitors to the ground and salted the earth multiple times.

There are still new interesting things but they exist as fodder to be bought up and absorbed by one of five tech giants to integrate into their brands as part of their vertical integration schemes.


@ajroach42 @TheoEsc by and large we went from having a garden choices for most hardware and software niches, to two acceptable mainstream choices; and these weird open source things that get invited to eat at the grown-ups table some of the time.

And it's not clear we can hope for more than that again.

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