Users of linux distros, what is your preferred package format when not using your distro's repositories?

If you prefer something not listed please reply.

Boosts welcome.

@trashheap It'll have to be flatpak specifically. Snap has a hard dependency on systemd, which is unacceptable for a truly agnostic repository system.

@emmy That is interesting I didn't know that about snap myself.

Lots of other stuff there that prevents it from being my personal choice as well. But didn't know that one.

@trashheap appimage if it's a game or program which does not need security updates, source tarball if the deps are all in apt and the docs are good

Has to be a source tarball most of the time, given that I often use Tinycore which has its own package manager and is incompatible with the others mentioned...

@trashheap source tarball is good, but source gitbundle is even better.

@gnomon @trashheap yeah, broadly i think i tend to look for an official project repo with clear build instructions. occasionally i look for a deb, if i think the project in question seems competent to produce one, and for languages where i know the tradeoffs well, i may use the appropriate language-specific package manager. (cpan, pip, cargo, composer.)

if it's in npm, i just give up and look for a different project.

@RachaelAva1024 What if it isn't in the AUR?

Do you just, package it yourself in the AUR then?

@trashheap Then I probably just use the AppImage or Flatpak if it’s available. Otherwise, I’ll give up, because compiling stuff from source manually isn’t my strong suit at the moment.

@RachaelAva1024 Do you have a preference between those two? Flatpak v AppImage? If so id appreciate the vote.

@trashheap I don’t really know the interworkings of the two, just that they’re blobs of executable data, and that they’re more open than snaps. At the moment, I just go with whatever’s available. If it’s in the AUR, I’ll probably grab the AppImage, if not an AppImage at all, probably a Flatpak. I mainly chose deb/rpm because I noticed that a lot of packages downloaded via the AUR are those package types.

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