Hey Anybody doing googless contact syncing on , without carddav/caldav? And if so what?

Please boost.

@trashheap What's wrong with CardDAV/CalDAV, out of curiosity?

The only other solution I can think of is syncing a vdir with Syncthing. That would definitely work.

@apetresc planning on switching over to @Tutanota for both email and calendar. But I've suddenly realized that leaves me running carddav/caldav ONLY for contact syncing.

Wondering what my other options are.


Well, I have a mailserver with SOgo that takes care of that. It is ActiveSync compatible so I can sync contacts and calendars aswell

@selea @trashheap SOGo also provides regular Carddav & Caldav, but Davxdroid doesn't like group list contacts via SOGo via Carddav.

@pedro @trashheap

Well, you can just add your account as a exchange account :) so in Android the sync will be native

@trashheap I think Nextcloud can do that. Or is that CardDAV as well? The /e/ foundation also supports contact syncing with their e account but that's also Nextcloud powered

@jkbr Yep, their CardDav, but thanks for the boost.

How you liking /e/ ? I backed their initial kickstarter. But felt a little disillusioned with their app store launch.

Thinking about circling back to them, though.

@trashheap I haven't used that rom myself. I'm a bit confused about their app store myself. It seems like you can get regular google play apps off of there?

@jkbr best I can figure out is that thier scraping APK Pure and FDroid, and pooling it together in their own repos.

APK Pure in turn is just scraping Google Play.

Doesn't quite seem legal, which is in part what really disillusioned me with them. I thought they were building sustainable infrastructure.

@trashheap I think DecSync has an option to sync contacts.

@paper I've been looking at that as a possibility!

@trashheap only with the calendar sync part. DecSyncCC is an app which integrates the calendar/contacts to Android. There is also a project which converts DecSync to Caldav (maybe also CardDav, I am not sure) for apps which don't support DecSync. That should be neccessary only for desktop, Android apps work using DecSyncCC.

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