@silverwizard Used to run mailing lists off my VPS provider for the different RPG we juggled. Until gmail started marking it as spam, and taking it out of player's mailboxes.

Used to do shortlinks to nextcloud documents for character sheets / handouts / pre-game info. Until gmail started labeling the emails with shortlink spam and taking it out of player mailboxes.


@trashheap I am very glad I don't, mostly, use gmail

But my current campaign is older than me reliably hosting my own email (holy fuck we've been playing a long time)

@silverwizard Even if you don't it only solves the problem for yourself too, right?

A lot of it's is problem it's network effects. I self host email, but im always sending emails to gmail users.

@trashheap Yeah, and *mostly* my spf-fu passes their bullshit, but also, mailing lists in general get *eaten* by google

I *really* wanted to use convenient.email for personal mailing lists, but gmail
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