ok so gemini is cool but it's really not doin it for me, i kinda wanna make my own spec

is there cool stuff that already exists i should look into

@erin yeah ik lol, i'm mostly peeved that gemini was dropping accessibility features in the name of *simplicity*

like, yes, simplicity good, *but*

@theotheroracle @erin oh no. which accessibility features is it lacking for example?

@jkbr @erin so like codeblocks are often used as like ascii art, but they're hell for screenreaders, so there was a proposal to add alt-text to codeblocks so that screenreaders could read that off instead, but they rejected that

@jkbr @theotheroracle
I think this happened a while ago, but it's been officially spec'd now:

> Any text following the leading "```" of a preformat toggle line which toggles preformatted mode on MAY be interpreted by the client as "alt text"...

> Alt text is recommended for ASCII art or similar non-textual content...

via gemini://gemini.circumlunar.sp

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