Me: *has app ideas that are pretty good*
Me: *also feels like I'll never be good enough to realize them*

hey remember when we all destroyed our parent's desktops with limewire

Ko-fi is now following suit and utterly and completely cracking down on adult content

DO NOT say suggestive/adult things in the comment fields of your PayPal/Ko-fi transactions

DO NOT directly, publicly link your PayPal/Ko-fi identities in your adult-oriented art posts

DO NOT keep a lot of money in your PayPal account. Transfer it to your bank often, where they can't seize it and take it from you

Artists and commissioners use good judgement, it's a balancing act from both sides

"How do you do karaoke, it seems terrifying???"
"I do it because there are no other cases where someone as mediocre as me can get applause I don't deserve, than when I sing poorly to a bar full of people too drunk to care."

oh apparently the person I stole that from on facebook stole it from an actual author oops

"It rains on the just
and the unjust fella
but the unjust has
the just's umbrella"

also since I have no confidence in my coding skills I have an interview with Safeway on Monday so hopefully I won't starve while I strive for the goal of being "good enough" to get a "real job" in tech

anyway, back to being amusing, I compared my lightsaber coach to yoda last night and he got a kick out of it

I'm a very sleepy disaster but I get to fight with lightsabers today so it'll be lit (no pun intended)

I'm glad that is spearheading this movement for sustainable web development. Beyond the ethical decisions of who we build sites for, we can also choose how we build them. Performance often overlaps with lower resource usage!

Read & Sign:

All it takes is being up past one's bedtime to realize that nothing is okay in the world.

"I know I'm gay but what flavor of gay am I?"

This self own made me choke on my coffee. I’m okay but a disclaimer woulda been great.

sometimes I think of that one time a dude at a bar told me that python was going to replace c/c++ and it reminds me that I'm not as stupid as I think

i found a shirt on hot topics website thats literally just a black tshirt with d-rings doing down the arms and i hate it but i love it

if I were a cishet person I'd probably already have a job in tech, but since I'm not, I actually feel like I need to know what I'm doing first 😂

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