If you can never remember if you've already sent a follow request to someone, I have a tip for you.

When I send a follow request, I now write it on their profile since you can leave a note there!

Perhaps that's obvious, but I still share it in case than can help, especially if you have ADHD, are autistic and / or deal with memory problems! pretty sure misskey doesn't have profile notes, which is a shame

@pasty Thank you! I only thought of it recently and decided to share, in case that can help 💫

@Ylfingr Thank yawoo, it took me a while to think about it! Glad it can help :blobwolfreach:

@testoceratops not obvious to me!
Didn't know it. Thanks for mentioning it.

@arcade I had the idea really recently and thought I'd share it. I'm really glad it can help 💫

@testoceratops That's a good idea. On other platforms I've unintentionally upset people trying to add them multiple times. They saw me as being annoyingly persistent, when in fact I didn't remember ever putting in a follow request in the past. When the platform says "Hey, you might like this person" & I look at their profile & agree, I click follow.

Would be nice if when your follow request is rejected, that person wouldn't be suggested for you again.

@allenstenhaus Yup, if you got rejected it still leaves the "follow request sent" in the note but you can hit the follow button again, which means they said no. I leave the note so I don't ask again

@lamp I didn't think about it before, the idea came to my mind really recently. It's really useful, idk why I don't use it more

@twinkle_mouse I do it systematically now because I'm sure I sent at least 2 request to three folks on here! 😕 Hope they didn't mind

@dysfun Oh thank you! That was pretty obvious, should have guessed it 🥲

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