Hi everyone,

So sorry to ask that but I've had an accident after the pharmacist sent me away yelling at me for being here 10mins before closing, after saying yes to deliver the meds tho

I fell in the street completely shocked, hurt myself and couldn't get groceries...

Could you please help us out to order food for tonight and tomorrow, pay for groceries on Monday and pay a doc appointment to see if the body's ok please?

Thanks for sharing and or donating 🖤

(He didn't give me the meds btw...)

I think someone wanted to send me money but they requested money instead, so I had to reject the request. It was written in German, something like enjoy your meal and good luck (not sure of the exact translation), just so you know if you read this!

Please boost the first post, we desperately need help now to eat tonight, thank you so much. Any amount is greatly appreciated if you can donate 🖤

Thank you so much for your help so far, we've been able to order food for tonight!

We'd still need help for tomorrow and groceries on Monday if possible + the doctor's next appointment (25€) which is probably the most important.

I'll explain you later today or tomorrow what happened exactly but I got hurt really really bad after falling and can't wait on my disability benefits to see my doc :(

Thanks a thousand times for everything ❣️

Last begging post for this:

I would still need a bit of help if that's possible, please. Thanks for everything so far 🖤

But please, don't put yourself in a difficult situation, even a boost is a lot already!

Here's what happened to me exactly, I forgot to link it here:

PayPal link to help me go through it and recover properly:

I'm really grateful for all your support, thanks again!

Thanks again everyone, no need to boost anymore, we'll be ok!

Thank you so much again for each boost or donation 🖤

@testoceratops have a good night and I'm glad i could help in whatever little way i did by boosting

@arcade That's already a lot, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

@testoceratops What the hell, I am angry just reading what happened to you. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

@testoceratops désolée d'apprendre de vos infortunes. j'espere que bientot tout va bien (et je souhaite que je pourrais vous offrir beaucoup plus d'argent). mes meilleurs voeux...

@testoceratops What in the world‽ Why is the pharmacist yelling at you‽ If they did that in my area there would be a street fight! You need to report that person as they do not need that job.

@darnell I was so shocked I couldn't even think properly. But yeah I'm gonna report that shitty guy. It was so mean and hurtful for no reason...

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