I need more species fluid friends!

Or even if you are a full time wolf (anything else is fine too tho), please let me know if you wanna be friends! :BlobHajMlem:

(Boost is appreciated if you feel comfortable with that)

@testoceratops What's species fluid? Is it like genderfluidity, but for species? We have a headmate that's kinda like that!

@onlinedevil Kind of, yeah!

Let's take my example: when I'm human, I'm libramasc (= agender but still feel a connection to my own vision of masculinity).

But when I'm a wolf, I'm not human. I just have human intelligence even if it can be a bit different on some points!

And it switches between both depending on specific situations (being with a wolf, feeling in danger, going to be a new place, meeting a new person IRL) or on my mood!

@onlinedevil We have a few wolves headmates but they're not species fluid. I'm the only one!

Followed you back :wolf_pixel_dual: 🖤

@testoceratops Oh, Slugger's the only one who's like that too. Angel and I are just demons through and through, ahah.

@LunaDragofelis Oh great! Gotta read more about it. I saw your thread, gonna read it! ☺️

@testoceratops Hey, I'm a polymorph, which I figure is pretty similar (shapeshifting creature with no true form). In my case, I tend to wind up involuntarily mirroring whatever's around me. If I'm around cats, then I'm a cat. I don't really have a sense of species on my own, but I have a very strong sense of species when shifted in one way or another.

Happy to chat and get to know each other if you'd like! i've been exploring the idea for a while, hard for me to figure stuff like that out quickly

@xeras @testoceratops true. i'm not fully sure yet, but being pony feels nice!

@xeras Take the time you need, don't pressure yourself to figure it out :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@haskal It sure does! I'm not a full time wolf, look at my intro/bio if you want to know more about it ☺️

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