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Dear VR community, eye tracking is now for us all!

Ps: if you like or make your own diy eye trackers give me a star on my repo (helps me out for school stuff 😊)!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheGoodAI1/status/

Add another component to a fully open source XR stack!!!

This means in total we'll have
- Headsets (@NorthStarXR@twitter.com)
- OS (Linux) with drivers (@MonadoXR@twitter.com)
- Hand tracking (@mosesturnervevo@twitter.com)
- SLAM (Monado)
- Display server (@stardustxr@twitter.com)
- FBT (@eirenliel@twitter.com's SlimeVR)
- Eye Tracking


What we're currently missing:
- Affordable VR headset
- Affordable MR headset (e.g. Lynx)
- @unity@twitter.com OpenXR support for Linux
- XR-focused Linux distros (the components aren't quite ready though)
- Better Proton OpenXR support for Windows apps
- Qualcomm XR2 Linux drivers for DSP

- Lip tracking (@TheGoodAI1@twitter.com is working on that though!)

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