Was curious to know more about this new Open Metaverse initiative, but my partner beat me to the punch + immediately noped out due to the immediate white-male-gamer centrism of “minting starships” & “loot.” Interoperability is a noble goal but it doesn’t start here.


I feel I have to speak on this considering I was there and I created the initial idea of practical implementation that kickstarted the community. The fediverse item system was just a starting point, more useful things like standard world links, friendship across worlds (1/?)

, connecting to Matrix or similar for text chat, avatars linked to accounts across platforms, etc. And for the record, I'm nonbinary. I'm not going to let a bunch of homogenous people be the ones deciding things, because problems arise that way. (2/3) if you want to learn what this is all about and how I'm working to ensure it's not just a nerd's dream, I can explain. I'm trying to make it so we don't end up in the oligopoly we have today for online services immersively as that can cause way more damage.

Speaking of diversity, I'd really love if and could collab with, idk how to set up collabs but I think XRSI's experience with PSI (privacy, security, identity) and XRAccess' focus on accessibility are crucial. could we get that rolling? You're the expert on getting people together, and we need all the help we can get.

Or maybe we should wait, given the expansion of the group has gone way faster than expected. idk, you're the expert :p

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