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lmao someone mass reported my alt calling a transphobe a fuckass & a coward

not sarcasm btw i laughed my ass off (they also got me candy and some braclets)

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one of my friends got me a fucking rock and glenn quagmire action figure for my birthday. couldnt be happier.

i just said "i'll clear my schedule" as if i have anything going on besides playing minecraft, coding shit, and sleeping

what are some underused TLDs (in, it's the .com) asking for a friend

oh yeah minecraft username(s) -
1djh for catgirl
pretzelwagon for weezer

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dude in less than 18 hours i get new fucking girl clothes aaaAAAAAA

i love being reminded that the internet has broken my humor

got a new girl drink [monster energy pipeline punch] :)

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