These little cards are coming to my shop soon! Whose ready to celebrate platonic comradeship with some anti capitalist valentines? 💕

@tootapp Hey there, I just deleted a dm and now toot crashes when I try to go to the dm screen. I just tried reinstalling too. Any idea how to fix that?

hey heads up when you're writing CWs

making them extremely specific pretty much nullifies their purpose. if i can guess what the post is from the cw, then the cw is too specific

Hey, I’m and I was wondering what the best / for on is at the moment?

If you are new to Masto & interested in #gardening & #plants, use these hashtags to find other plant nerds & gardeners :plantmage6: :plantmage1:

If you post photos of anything plant-related, inc trees, foliage & fungi, #Florespondence is very popular, & #Sporespondence for fungi. Tag & follow @plants. Anyone following this account will see your post.

Do try to add image descriptions to your posts. It makes your posts accessible to a wider audience on the Fedi.

🌻 :garlic: 🍆 🌸 🌳 🍄

I watched this yesterday and I’m eager to try this out:

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