free video game idea 

A farming sim that goes into depth about soil.

I want each tile to have separate stats for Nitrogen, Carbon, Moist and Worms. I want there to be a whole tech tree around composters. I want it to be an actual mechanic to need to keep the soil healthy by keeping nutrients in the soil.

free video game idea 

@stolas_mk2 It would be such a fresh of breath air after all the minecrafts turning a handful of dirt into ex nihilo style plant factories.

free video game idea 

@stolas_mk2 there should be a wiki that covers that, and all sorts of things about crops, soils infact. (a list of standard questions about crops to be answered too i guess)

Minetest could be a target? I have a partially written ecosystem thing, with plants, though not soil. It uses timers a lot, basically if a plant isn't touched by something else it continues to the next life stage.

free video game idea 

@stolas_mk2 Just plants btw, might add something like slugs or something..

Of course it'd all be _fiction_. And so would any soil stuff? Like it's good if that's clear, but _if_ i ever make it, i'd probably want to direct people to some actual knowledge.. (Note: it can do craftable books and embed books with some text and links and stuff)

Hmm, the existing mods should have a recipe: tomato surrounded by paper, which makes a little book about tomatoes with some links.

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