Tech question, does anyone have any good beginner guides to ?

Just going to put up some hash tags to help


They haven't posted in a while, but there are some good Godot help videos on Tilvids: (You can follow at @gdquest) (You can follow at @timkrief )

@stolas_mk2 the official Godot documentation also has a really great beginners tutorial!

@stolas_mk2 I've also been a bit curious about this although I have zero exp in game stuff.

@stolas_mk2 tutorials are always nice. I usually get really angry about rtfm (read the fucking manual) as a way to get any creative person into anything software related.

I started with the "Your First Game" tutorial on and then filled in some gaps with GDQuest. Googling for answers to specific questions also revealed a website called Kids Can Code which is pretty useful if you're just utterly hopeless and need something explained like you're five.

@stolas_mk2 I need to do a more general getting started tutorial, but here's how to get started on shaders specifically:

@jitspoe thanks! I'll stick that on the "To Watch" list for when I'm not meant to be WfH

@stolas_mk2 their basic pong tutorial is also nice to show a bit of every basic aspect of the engine.

@Rheall @stolas_mk2 I also vouch for GDQuest! Nathan's tutorials were all I needed to get started. Definitely worth the small asking-fee to support the work they're doing.

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