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Doing an post. I am a ~30 enby who is mediocre at being a gay and at being a software developer. I'm back from a bit of a break from fedi and I'm looking to just kind of vibe around a bit.

I have an interest in tech (especially open source software, or at least the idea of it) and I play a lot of Final Fantasy XIV and a few other video games.

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ukpol, UK markets, the 2008 Financial Crisis repeating itself as farce 

One way in which the Tories have been lucky this week: so far, I suspect most people just have the sense that things have been messy and chaotic, when actually we were very close to a Lehman-Brothers-in-2008 level event. Handy Q&A explainer here:

ukpol vague 

welp the economy is fucked

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Hey does anyone have some knowledge about ActivityPub? I've looked at some documentation but I wanted some confirmation from someone who has some experience / knowledge with it.

Today I went out to get lunch, bought lunch, brought it back to the flat and then forgot that I had it and did not eat lunch.

(no harm done, I'm eating it now)

is paycheck an Americanism? I think it is? I have never been paid via a check, it's all the automated PAYE here.

my brain is frazzled which is a bit shit as I rely on that for my paycheck

Thank you for telling me what a "bit" is fediverse

serious question about Twitch, forgive me I'm old in internet years 

What on earth is a "bit" on Twitch? When a viewer gives a streamer a "bit", what on earth is the streamer actually getting?

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all websites should let you see the password requirements before resetting your password, because sometimes i see the requirements and go "OH right i know the password now" but i've already reset it because i couldn't remember

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so uh, where do people recommend getting binders these days?

boost okay

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Opsec reminder 

Maybe I'm preaching to the choir here, but please, NEVER, EVER, EVER advocate for anything illegal online. Especially if it threatens the status quo.

At best, you'll be banned from your account. At worst, you can be arrested.

Leave that stuff for the darknet and in-person meetings.

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anyone wanna recommend some music to me? im looking for like some epic/metal/rock kinda stuff and i'm listening to te same stuff on loop recently and want some new stuff

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them: dress for the job you want
me: *nude*

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misinfo, bad idea 

@stolas_mk2 she who drinks Monsters must take care not to become a Monster herself

Why am I watching videos on how to DM DnD. I do not play DnD and I don't really want to.

The washing machine is running so I'm not getting anything done that requires thoughts.

You know I think you could make a good tyranid army colour scheme using the colours and markings of the Ladybird.

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