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Doing an post. I am a ~30 enby who is mediocre at being a gay and at being a software developer. I'm back from a bit of a break from fedi and I'm looking to just kind of vibe around a bit.

I have an interest in tech (especially open source software, or at least the idea of it) and I play a lot of Final Fantasy XIV and a few other video games.

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Begpost, I need money ASAP, boosting is appreciated.

I still don't get the payment for teaching math. So, now I barely have money to buy foods. Please help me.

My Paypal:

#BegPost #Help

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slower computers, please 

I'm a computer guy, but I'm very much over fast computers. Most of your computer's resources are wasted loading ads and trackers on webpages. Video games require more and more power to deliver less interesting experiences. Don't get me started on cryptocurrency. Computers are getting increasingly complex, therefore less reliable, nearly impossible to repair, wasteful, and devastating to the environment. We need #slowcomputers and more #retrocomputing

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"the interior of an abandoned shopping mall, two levels, overgrown, lit only by skylights" by Midjourney

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you ever think about all that bandwidth, server space and energy we'd save if ads didn't exist on the internet

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My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

Also, I've got a work Xmas party later today and I'm nervous and shy about it.

I need to zone in and be useful but currently, I am not.

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metallic bell american cranberry, painted by amanda almira newton, 1913

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Fedi is usually Q2Q software (queer to queer)

joke, covid mention 

We don't talk enough about how COVID has ruined that magic trick where a bloke hammers a nail into his nose.

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the only notifications you need are hunger pain fatigue and clear shot at tory

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why do you let your phone badger you all the time man

switch that shit off. keep those fuckers in their place

This is pretty cool, I didn't know that chemicals like this existed:

ok, coffee and breakfast and then worm assembly time

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