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decided to make an account on a misskey (well, calckey) instance because shiny new software is always cool and for some reason we don't wanna mix hyperfixation stuff with... whatever we post here

it's @starshine, we won't move everything there but it. sure exists!

...oh. yes. discord's stupid message content deadline is at the end of this month. shit
<-- have procrastinated updating our bot for almost a year

time to speedrun

what does the .icu tld even stand for? we can only read it as "dot intensive care unit" but that isn't right... right?

considering making an alt account on some misskey instance (not sure which one though) because it seems really cool

and we definitely post enough to warrant splitting our activity over two accounts /s

our last braincell is only ever focused on making and recognising system puns

realistically we know that we should just stick to react for now but crow brain wants to use a shiny new thing

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also considering switching frontend library again, because that worked wonders for productivity last time /s


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ive been staring at this editor window for 2 hours and havent done anything at all

how do you make the brain go

always funny to see a new picrew completely take over trans spaces
one day only one person is using it, then the next you'll be hard pressed to find someone who *isn't* using it

your irregular reminder that using "egg" to refer to anyone but yourself/selves, as in this person has this trans/queer/nd identity but doesn't know it yet, fundamentally undermines identity as something that only an individual(s) has authority over.

you're literally diagnosing someone as having this identity. and that's the same shit gatekeepers and essentialists (like terfs & truscum) do. for the love heck just fucking stop and let people explore and figure out their own self/selves.

i spent my formative years on the internet watching minecraft youtube videos and socially isolating myself

never seen a cishet person use :3
at this point I'm convinced they physically can't type a colon followed by 3

we don't even read content warnings anymore, brain sees button and clicks
this is a good thing that will definitely not backfire horribly at some point

There are people who think Fedi is useless because you can't market your business on it.

reminder: most proprietary antivirus programs targeted towards home users such as avast and AVG are essentially malware themselves. personally i consider them to be trojans, spyware, and adware. they claim to keep your system completely safe, but in reality they mostly just slow it down, download unwanted software, advertise to the user, and do basically nothing but sit around and try to detect malicious files, which often causes false flags or doesn't properly detect them.

transit joke, nsfw mention 

being a railfan is kinda gay ngl... you wanna ride Bart?

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