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thinking about that time at physical age 16 when a customer first asked for an Arnold Palmer and we said dryly "we don't serve that here" because we thought it was alcohol

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went to go look at some FL Studio project files from physical age 13-14 only to find that Harmless-chan and Harmor-chan had been removed from their respective plugins since then. that's it. now it's personal

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Humph! in my poor, insignificant opinion, I regard this as queer.

by sheer luck the first person we ran into there was the Dean of Academic Success and Student Equity and as soon as he cleared things up i& could only go "holy shit" and burst out laughing

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I had this idea yesterday looking at our Go board, a black stone with 8 neighbors will fits neatly into a byte, if I think of the black stone as my PC, and the white stones as the bits in an 8-bit opcode.

I can devise a sort of computer that that is not a cellular automata, but more like a befunge where each step of the running program pulls an opcode made from the black stone's neighbors.

just beat our record for the most incredible ADHD moment of all time by showing up for community college classes two weeks before the start of the term

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Fun fact: legendary microbiologist Carl Woese possessed a custom-labelled "Primordial Soup" can. The label was made in the late '80's/early 90's by another microbiologist, Jim Brown, then a postdoc at the University of Illinois.

Brown later made an updated, high-res version:

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are there any parsers with available source code from the 80s or earlier?

it is August 2022 and trying to view Vercel's website nearly crashed not just Chromium, but our machine's window manager

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aphex twin shitpost 

nyaa 69 [420.2] [meow mix]

thinking about a peer's answer to a Quiplash question about a bad college mascot, "Chris the crippling debt crab"

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I've raised an issue for the wasm spec website, back in april, in which there's a typo in the word "assembly" nothing less, and they're still clambering over each other trying to figure out how to work the toolchain to rebuild the page and correct the mistake. It's a beautiful sight to behold.

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my code performs a hundred numerical comparisons, call that 100 geqs

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something's going to go terribly wrong isn't it

assigning funny names to audio effect presets is something that sparks more joy than we thought it would

we still do this, but can now apparently wake up anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30am with or without an alarm, because nature is healing, or something

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