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if u not gonna provide bike parkin, u cant get mad when i lock my bike to a random pole or something

accidentally crashed Chromium by spinning up a while loop with [] as the condition

pretty sure going to bed sometime after 1am is just what we do now. thanks summer

we'd like to take this opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to the fediverse as a system.
there are 3 of us in total: Rhyme (she/her, left), Exo (they/them, center), and Vessel (it/its, right).
note that the name "Lux" and she/her pronouns, like the pre-plural self used, are still acceptable... but we're definitely all in here!
nice to meet you... again :blobcat_mlem:

we finished redesigning our website
it now runs on Jekyll, using a brand new theme "nimmoi" which takes inspiration from the sites of @neauoire and @sejo
it also contains some new information
view at

website redesign coming soon, absolutely definitely for real

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shilling (album release) 

released not one, but *two* albums:
6×337 (I) - 6 patches from the first half of 2022, plus 3 more tracks
- AND -
so much - 7 patches forming the to the shelved game of the same name, plus 1 more track
out now - pay what you want

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about a month ago i missed my chance to get a poster reading "it will be a good day when our schools get all the funding they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber" from my retiring gov/econ teacher after getting COVID-19 for a week and i'm still mad about it

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really want to make a virtual machine vaguely on the pattern of Uxn that's only allowed to add

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I had a dream that I discovered a lost civilization of enormous underwater libraries and they were the reason fish traveled in schools. I didn’t understand the pun until I woke up

tonight i was able to go back to an older project of mine and replace the code editor Ace (100+kB minified & gzipped) with something i recently wrote myself (<900B minified & gzipped) and it just feels... amazing

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Help each other through the approaching depression.

i swear on my grave during my commute today i saw someone with the vanity license plate "SKYPE"

quip - 

ugh, my job is thankless... and the Chipotle gig isn't so great either

AI art 

DALL-E mini took my username and gave me a group of sea urchins

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Many years ago I played King of Chicago on PC, in CGA. It looks really good in four colours, but I figured, as a Cinemaware game, the Amiga version was the flagship. Imagine my surprise when I learned that actually the Mac version was the original and it looked like this

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