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question about CWs 

what are the "mh" and "ph" CWs i've seen a couple times? "mental health" and "physical health", with "+", "~" and "-" for "positive connotation", "neutral" and "negative"?

got that thing that's been going around :ms_robot_angry:

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growing up autistic is fun because everyone is like "wow you're so smart" because you know a lot of big words and so you test well in school but then you get into the real world and you can't take care of yourself or socialize or do anything that an adult needs to do and you realize that you're actually like, disabled and nobody wanted to tell you because they think being disabled is bad

every time i visit this instance in a desktop browser i forget that the URL doesn't start with "Mastodon" and have to try again

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I need to learn ways to put my hair up other than my old standbys, The Worst Bun You’ve Ever Seen and Weird Ponytail

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phone-quality audio 

tentative title: "rebuker"

haven't had a chance to go further with this yet.
i just performed emergency unpatching so i can work on a couple of time-sensitive pieces that have cropped up recently, but i wrote notes describing the whole patch so hopefully i can come back to this later

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i would like to revise this into "long week"

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"What is remarkable about the lambda calculus is that one doesn't need anything as crude as digits and operators in order to do arithmetic, logic, or any kind of computation."


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tired after a long day of being an adult

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Obviously, the main shortcoming of the Scratch development ecosystem is the lack of a robust cryptography library.

Until now!

Here's x25519 ECDH key exchange, blake2s hashing, and ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD - in Scratch

shilling (Patreon) 

update for apr. 3 - apr. 30, '22
now available on Patreon

phone-quality audio 

i wanted to use the V/oct from my keyboard to control the synth's sound model and trick it into creating a drum loop... but then i made it do that relative to some of the melodic models instead

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watching hundred rabbits, a whole two people, speedrun an alternate-history timeline re-implementation of everything that was close to good about my first 10 years of computers really puts into perspective how wasteful and inefficient the industry is

they've accomplished 90% of the utility in 1% of the time and lines of code

there's something significant being demonstrated in the uxn space and it's way way bigger than two kids on a boat making weird retro styled software

does anyone else hold items directly in their hands while inside the grocery store. instantly adds to how enigmatic you look but at least prevents people from thinking you might steal anything

i suppose i'm still missing an here?
i'm lux, an 18-year-old programmer and woman, and i make weird things slowly.
i maintain 20+ projects in various stages of development - often in , but not always! - as well as produce music with a rig, and sometimes even mess with TTL chips... oh, candy and indie games are nice too.
nice to meet you :blobcat_mlem:

stumbled into Dylan Beattie's "Plain Text" and really enjoyed it. i should watch more of his stuff

finally got a session in. scrapped the house patch that was there previously, tried to recreate an ambient patch from the VCV Rack days, spent too long on it and got distracted making Knit's vowel model do weird stuff, and now i'm on to hyperpop. all in all a pretty typical afternoon

on Twitter i tend to write a lot more vague/joke/complaint/unproductive tweets than tweets suggesting some form of actual productive work. i think i have a preconceived notion that Mastodon would somehow be opposed to that.
how are we feeling? do we still enjoy unproductive behavior over here

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