phone-quality audio 

i wanted to use the V/oct from my keyboard to control the synth's sound model and trick it into creating a drum loop... but then i made it do that relative to some of the melodic models instead

i suppose i'm still missing an here?
i'm lux, an 18-year-old programmer and woman, and i make weird things slowly.
i maintain 20+ projects in various stages of development - often in , but not always! - as well as produce music with a rig, and sometimes even mess with TTL chips... oh, candy and indie games are nice too.
nice to meet you :blobcat_mlem:

finally got a session in. scrapped the house patch that was there previously, tried to recreate an ambient patch from the VCV Rack days, spent too long on it and got distracted making Knit's vowel model do weird stuff, and now i'm on to hyperpop. all in all a pretty typical afternoon

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