on Twitter i tend to write a lot more vague/joke/complaint/unproductive tweets than tweets suggesting some form of actual productive work. i think i have a preconceived notion that Mastodon would somehow be opposed to that.
how are we feeling? do we still enjoy unproductive behavior over here

@sporeball you should just do what feels right. Be yourself. There's a niche for everyone.

@sporeball I'd say the notion of "productive behavior" is a part of the neoliberal false dichotomy of work/play and more precisely "good" and "bad" play (it'd good to do an artistic hobby, but bad to just watch TV)

While you can judge every tweet according to whether it follows specific criteria of productivity, those would not fit all situations because a set of criteria is inherently limiting.

@sporeball If you had any reason whatsoever to tweet, then it was productive according to its criteria

Therefore any tweet is inherently productive 😊

@sporeball (note, I used tweet here but it applies to toots as well, or any interaction with social media)

@sporeball (note2, while every interaction is productive, it might be productive towards a bad agenda, like keeping you watching ads or whatever, and therefore it's more interesting to see for what criteria an interaction is productive, rather than whether it is altogether or not)

@sporeball given how much time i’ve spent scrolling on the generalist instances. I’ve been anything but productive since joining lol

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