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we'd like to take this opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to the fediverse as a system.
there are 3 of us in total: Rhyme (she/her, left), Exo (they/them, center), and Vessel (it/its, right).
note that the name "Lux" and she/her pronouns, like the pre-plural self used, are still acceptable... but we're definitely all in here!
nice to meet you... again :blobcat_mlem:

are there any parsers with available source code from the 80s or earlier?

it is August 2022 and trying to view Vercel's website nearly crashed not just Chromium, but our machine's window manager

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aphex twin shitpost 

nyaa 69 [420.2] [meow mix]

thinking about a peer's answer to a Quiplash question about a bad college mascot, "Chris the crippling debt crab"

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I've raised an issue for the wasm spec website, back in april, in which there's a typo in the word "assembly" nothing less, and they're still clambering over each other trying to figure out how to work the toolchain to rebuild the page and correct the mistake. It's a beautiful sight to behold.

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my code performs a hundred numerical comparisons, call that 100 geqs

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something's going to go terribly wrong isn't it

assigning funny names to audio effect presets is something that sparks more joy than we thought it would

we still do this, but can now apparently wake up anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30am with or without an alarm, because nature is healing, or something

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the hold music our college uses evokes a very specific, indescribable emotion and now we want to know where they got it from

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releasing a stable version of your software is for nerds

REAL developers only release 0.x versions forever

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when a movie is so good you edit its Wikipedia article. it's NOPE we are talking about NOPE

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"genderfluid" implies most other people's gender is a solid

given what we know about how matter changes states, it is a rather obvious conclusion that

genderfluid people are, by definition, hot

what's the best way to get out of video game mode and back into productivity mode. asking for a friend...

got hit with a "Ms. [Deadname]" on the phone today, since it's the only one we shared, and accidentally unlocked a brand-new kind of funny

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