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I'm Smacky and I'm 27, I'm about to graduate as a javascript developer in a couple of months.

I speak English, Swedish and Japanese fluently and I have a lot of hobbies. Used to be really into brewing coffee, now avoiding caffeine.

Lately I bake A LOT.

I draw sometimes, you can find art I've posted so far on

I'm super nerdy and grew up playing video games. I own a switch and a ps4, and sometimes play on my PC too.

I look forward to making more friends!

holy f*CKING sh*t the episode of druk2 this week

Been washing and cleaning and gonna have pizza for dinner probably

If you aren't checking out @beep 's cute *ss art you're missing out big time

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colored that picture from a few weeks ago
it isn't even cold out anymore but everything is still covered in snow

I feel better today so I should probably draw

I'm watching the skiing world championships for no reason.... never felt this swedish before

Just woke up and I have that song Telephone stuck in my head

Didn't draw anything today which feels weird. Spent most of the day talking to boops which felt great.

I spent all february living with a roommate and it feels very liberating to have the place for myself again

Had some cookie dough left in the freezer so I baked that instead of making eclaires today

It's march so I spent some time planting strawberry, basil and chives seeds.

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