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Fun fact: once a month, I usually have to call them and have them whitelist my phone because someone at the company screwed up my account and locked me out of managing literally everything except my billing options.

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Shoutout to my SIM card for dying, and my carrier for not allowing me to get a replacement when I asked the first and second time. (They're still refusing because it was "issued too recently" so that's pretty lit.)

God, I hate cell phone service providers. *So much.*

Funny story: this is actually the FOURTH run-in I've had with them over my account specifically. My mom has only had one issue with porting in, but me? Fourth. I hate it here.

I'm about ready to destroy my SIM card and move to another country under an alias so no one will bother me anymore.

Well, I'm certainly thankful for this. EA, in my opinion, is a terrible choice for a studio that would (presumably) make games for Arcade. EA has proven that quality isn't their strong suit. Apple can do way better with their cash.

Inb4 we have to put up a sign that says "Do Not Bend The Penguins"

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FYI 'stressed' spelled backwards is 'desserts.' You're welcome.

Hey @TwitterDev, PS, fix your Twitter Alpha build. Crashes constantly on Android

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My Twitter app crashed and deleted my some of my Tweets but @SunshineTarlos welcome back bestie

The text Kennedy just sent me after I said they'd be disappointed in me was just... 💀💀💀

On this episode of terrible ideas with Slade: a terrible idea.

I had an idea for a thing that wouldn't work on @kakarikoherald but would work for another publication. May throw it on my blog or pitch it to another outlet. I don't know yet.

Maybe one of my 2023 Goals could be to land a Contributor role at another publication? 👀

Shiver uses she/her pronouns and identifies as female in , says Nate Bihldorff (SVP of Product Development and Publishing at Nintendo Treehouse). Full story:

Me messaging @tarlosowp and @switzerlandvp all the tea I have:

It'll be weird having two sets of signal bars on my phone, but at least I won't have to carry three phones!

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