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since i only posted why i left mastotech like, late last night and there's a good chance nobody saw it so i'll just pin it in case anyone's wondering lol

tl;dr - nothing bad happened!! mastotech is still a cool and good place and the admins are great

i just was already mutuals with like, everyone on the local tl anyway who i cared about

and my @-handle was kinda lame

so i just wanted to move to a spot with a new local and get a new handle while i was at it

i do miss all the emojos,,,,

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oh right one of these


hi im skelly [they/them]

im a big gay enby nerd who loves electronics and does random projects and never finishes them

recently also been interested in retro gaming, both emulated and hardware (currently have a wii and n64)

living in wisconsin

moved over from not for any serious reason, just wanted a new place to hang around in

nice to be here!!

hey all im moving again sorry

i'll be @skelly

i'll do the migration in a sec

something I want to say for transparency - regarding my relationship with a popular fedi user and a service i provided for that user 

idk who, if anyone, gives a shit, but w/e

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something I want to say for transparency - regarding my relationship with a popular fedi user and a service i provided for that user 

For a while up until today, I ran an ebooks bot for hyperlink (it was dog_ebooks @

I maintained the account and ran the bot software from a virtual server that I rent.

I have deleted the account and stopped running the bot as I am not comfortable doing so for him anymore.

fedi admin musing 

(NOT saying that i like it when shit instances interact or cause issues, i hope that would be obvious, just talking about the incidential federation that odds are, nobody has noticed)

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fedi admin musing 

honestly it's so much more satisfying to suspend a chud instance when there just happen to be a couple of users federated that will get yeeted entirely and not be able to see any of our content

more fun than when there's 0 federation going on at all and it's an entirely preemptive block

why play any recent video games when mkwii is right here

if a 3D skeleton model has no armature, does it have bones? :blobthinking:​

you know what i can't wait for in the winter

the incredibly calm quiet due to the snow muffling the sound of everything

food / meat 

i'll definitely have to turn it around often

definitely defrosted stuff and have part of it stay entirely frozen while another spot ends up fully cooked lmao

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food / meat 

defrosting 3lbs of chicken in my microwave

hope this doesn't go horribly

powder that doesn't taste like powder but makes you say "mm, tastes like powder"
is still one of my favorite memes


honestly goofy as heck that this vape pen has a timer to show how long you've held down the fire button

but it clears immediately when you let go

making it useless to see exactly how big of a hit you just did lol

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