accessibility ask - autistic exp gathering 


I'm helping a friend who's doing some organizing work, and they'd like additional data on what barriers to formally-organized community events exist for autistic members of said community.

For me, one that I don't see mentioned often is that they're often verbal-conversation-focused, with little or no written material present for context during the event, or available for deeper enjoyment of the topic afterwards.

How about you?

accessibility ask - autistic exp gathering 

@shyra Something I ran into a lot while hpin to organize university club events was simply that the environment was way too loud, bright, or otherwise unbearable for me, and also getting lost because of no written material. Also, having people mingle to introduce each other was pretty terrible.
Granted this was pre- the current state of the world and some of these things aren't issues in remote


accessibility ask - autistic exp gathering 

@madds oh my gosh, right??? “Bright lighting is warm and friendly!” Uhhhh no?????????

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