every time i'm reminded about fast food work i just... wanna... explode...

it's just so infuriating to see people shit on service workers as if the job is even remotely easy


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omg I saw that art again and literally cried a bit

When I saw a jackalope from @Niks I knew that I had to commission them.

This lovely piece that they did of myself, @Timothy, and @shooshy in the middle is adorable! I wanted something of us with our favorite bun, and Niks delivered!

lmfaooo my pet snake is just staring at me from underneath her hide like "excuse me sir, where is my dinner?"

Let's make 2020 the year we stop using incontinence as an insult.

The Tohono O’odham Nation Land & Water Defenders are in need of help. Two of the Defenders are still needing bail, not to mention others that will inevitably come from fighting this fascist government. Comrades from all over the spectrum need to stand up and support those who Defend O’odham Jewed, to at least help with bail here’s the link gofundme.com/f/defend-oodham-l

At least once a week someone tries to make this argument and it's fuckin ridiculous

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Being neurodivergent/neuroatypical isn't an excuse for being an asshole, and it definitely isn't an excuse for harassing people

Fun fact: The French have been Islamophobic for so long that Baphomet, the supposed idol of the knights templar, whose form is now visual shorthand for the devil, is just an extremely bastardized form of the name Mohammed, as a result of rumors that the Templars were initiated into mystic or mystery schools by Sufis while out crusading, and had brought it home. Whether true or not, this formed the basis for the downfall of the Templars. France has a long history of this shit.

PoC on Masto have written about this way better but search sucks, so you're getting this instead sorry. What I want to express is that your view of a PoC doesn't have to be cartoonishly racist or subhuman or stereotypical to be harmful and bigoted; it just has to lack the complexity and depth you'd afford to a white person

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