Fediblock is fine to everyone when it's just about reporting nazi instances.
Those are not the problem here, they are annoying but we find them and we yeet them away alright.

The issue here is how excruciatingly hard it seems for most people to acknowledge and reflect their whiteness. No fediblock hashtag will ever solve that for you.

Need financial help, pretty urgent, please boost 

Hey there, I know I asked for helps only weeks ago but my situation has gotten worse (I got my unemployment benefits an entire week late) and now I’m in a REALLY tight spot. I’ve paid my rent but I really don’t have much left for the rest of this months’ expense.

Please if you can, I would really appreciate if you sent me some money. Any amount helps. If not, please boost this post, because that helps too

Thanks in advance!!


money bad 

Fuck I need 200 bucks by Tuesday to pay my credit card hahaha who wants to commission me? 😅 😰

🌟 Remaining 2020 made adopts that need rad homes!🌟

Sealion - $70
Chipmunk - $50
Puma - $50

Owner gets the un-watermarked file and 15% off (of $50+) on the 1st commission featuring the new adoptable!

Email NightlineZart@gmail.com to claim!

Next time someone suggests a FOSS solution that requires someone to set up infrastructure to support it I'm drafting up a contract for them to implement it, maintain it, and support it with 99.999% uptime for five years.

For free.

when you have a headache and you're on the fediverse that's called a fedache

If there's drama going on, and you're not a direct participant, it's often better to observe quietly than to voice your take on it -- the resulting game of telephone can end up causing more harm overall.

Gentle reminder that @david runs tech.lgbt and puppy.cafe out of pocket and using his own time and effort, for the most part. If you have the money to spare, he has a patreon that would benefit from a few more subscribers :ablobcatcoffee:


new blocks in the toot-lab for dingdash dot com and campduffel dot social for uspol conspiracy theories, covid conspiracy theories, trumpism, and federating with the parts of the 'verse I won't.




mastodon patreon promo 

I fund both instances out of pocket with a bit of help from Patreon. If you wanna throw a couple of bucks at keeping them running, here's my link:


I keep saying that I'll improve patron rewards, and I have some good ideas for some this year!

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The fedi needs to stop targetting rage.love for who they block, whether through being patronizing or rude to the mods/admins, when it's mostly Queer Blk/PoC who are making choices collectively based off of past abusive dynamics here and we're not even talking your off beat goosestepping nazi fans

I'm tired of seeing white ppl talk out their neck abt the choices that they make wrt to racism.

Some people claim that instance-blocking weakens the fediverse, and undermines the point of federation.

This is the opposite of the truth.

The point of federation is that it limits the accumulation of power: no single instance can control fedi, because users can always switch instances without leaving fedi.

This is why fedi and fascism are fundamentally opposed -- and why the ability to block fascist/abusive instances is the very heart of federation's power to serve its users.

So I know you can just softblock people, but why can there not simply be a "remove as follower" option in mastodon?

fedi meta, admin notice 

oh cool found a fucking thing that just spins up pleroma instances for free.
and it allows people to bring their own domains so blocking all of them automatically will be nigh impossible, although it seems be hosting most "non-domain name" ones at <subdomain>.fedi.live so you could block fedi.live and it'll propagate up through all subdomains

Hey my good dude if you didn’t do or make anything this year that’s okay. Capitalism teaches us to measure our worth in how much we can contribute to a cycle of consumption when, in reality, our worth lies somewhere else entirely: how much you love, the brave thing you did even though you were scared, the comfort you gave a friend or the kind word you gave a stranger.

Too bad it was well after Hanukkah when I actually got those window clings up :blobfoxlaughsweat:

#1 long term fediverse tip. turn off automatic following and make it so you approve followers manually. Be as arbitrary as you feel like with who you decide to approve or disapprove of following. only let folks have access to you and your followers only posting that you want to have access.

you don't need a specific reason to not approve a follow. Someone's energy doesn't feel right sure go ahead. No pronouns in bio, sure. whatever reason you want is valid because no one is owed access to you.

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