Interesting times we live in, I've never updated a soldering iron firmware before :)

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plural positivity 


There are many ways to be plural but I'm taking a minute to tell our fellow traumagenic systems that:

There's no wrong way to handle your system or plurality.

You are not invalidating non-traumagenic systems by existing or having a different relationship to your plurality.

You can choose to continue being plural and "move past" your trauma. You can choose to not. It is your life.

We know you're out there whether you choose to make yourselves visible or not. And we're cheering you on.

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hottest ever take about programming 

obviously, bug reports are great and you should still make them, but I feel like it should be more like "hey here's a thing I found that's not working as intended" than "fuck you!! i downloaded the thing you made and it doesnt exactly fit my needs!!! it is awful and i hate you!! get good!!"


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mutual aid request, escaping from abusive parents :boost_requested: 

So, uh, hi!

Our parents Have Decreed that we Are moving back in with them for the summer...
which, given how bad Christmas was... I really don't think we can handle that. It's rapidly approaching worst-case scenario.

So we're trying to get away.

We may or may not have a place to stay yet, not sure, but it'd be nice to have some money to help us get on our feet when we get there, not starting from zero.

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when a url ends in .io that means that the domain is hosted on Io, the third largest moon of jupiter

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❝Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial plaque. Her newspaper obituaries do not mention her greatest discovery. […] Every high school student knows that Isaac Newton discovered gravity, that Charles Darwin discovered evolution, and that Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know.❞ — Jeremy Knowles, discussing the complete lack of recognition Cecilia Payne gets, even today, for her revolutionary discovery. (via alliterate)


• Cecilia Payne won a scholarship to Cambridge.

• Cecilia Payne completed her studies, but Cambridge wouldn’t give her a degree because she was a woman, so she said to heck with that and moved to the United States to work at Harvard.

• Cecilia Payne was the first person ever to earn a Ph.D. in astronomy from Radcliffe College, with what Otto Strauve called “the most brilliant Ph.D. thesis ever written in astronomy.”

• Not only did Cecilia Payne discover what the universe is made of, she also discovered what the sun is made of (Henry Norris Russell, a fellow astronomer, is usually given credit for discovering that the sun’s composition is different from the Earth’s, but he came to his conclusions four years later than Payne — after telling her not to publish).

• Cecilia Payne is the reason we know basically anything about variable stars (stars whose brightness as seen from earth fluctuates). Literally every other study on variable stars is based on her work.

• Cecilia Payne was the first woman to be promoted to full professor from within Harvard and the first woman to head a science department at Harvard. She also inspired entire generations of women to take up science.

• Cecilia Payne is awesome and everyone should know her.

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glados voice acting 

so my jf sent me a meme and i thought it sounded just like something glados would say, so i decided to record myself saying it as glados :heart_nb:

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Google fired another woman working in the ethics of AI... because she was looking into why they fired the woman before her who was working in the ethics of AI.

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I'm wheezing, someone pushed the object references of the youtube-dl repository into GitHub's DMCA takedown repository

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for fuck's sake

angela martinez gomez, murdered by corporate fucks and their patent disregard for human life, and they *blamed it on her hrt*. its racism, its classism, its transphobia, its untenable and its been like this for so long and nothing's changing. im just pissed off. she deserved better. she deserved dignity. she deserved to rest. every poor brown and black trans woman deserves better.

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asking for feedback, pls boost 

Creatures of Mastodon who have disabilities of any kind, I want to hear from you. I think home automation has a huge untapped potential to aid people with disabilities function in their homes, but as a person without physical disabilities I cannot determent what and what would not be helpful, that's where you come in! If you either have an idea, or are willing to listen to mine, please contact me! atm this is purely academic, but who knows!

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