gender dysphoria 

Literally can not stand being perceived today even by myself. Hoping my manager doesn't mind that I need to cancel my meetings today. This sucks.

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gender dysphoria 

Having a day where I have to use my phone at an angle so I don't have to see my face reflecting back to me. Ugh. Gonna be a difficult one today

Being ace in a relationship with someone not ace is not always hard but it's not always easy either. This weekend was decidely difficult. _sigh_

Am I "supporting" artists that hate me by listening to them on a streaming platform? I guess I am? In some very small way. I know streaming services are not exactly paying anyone's bills, per se. I don't want to support peopel who hate me, but I feel like it's a bit of a protest since they can hate me but they can't take away the way music makes me feel. They don't own the chords, they don't own the notes. They don't own my feelings. All of that is free for us all to experience.

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being a lover of music from around the world and of music in general while being trans can be a bit of an emotional gamble. On the one hand, I have access to more music than I ever could have imagined when I was a child learning that every culture had its own music and there were so many cultures throughout the world. I love that so much! At the same time, I know there are a lot of people who wouldn't like knowing a trans person is enjoying their music. Art vs Artist is a tough separation.

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I'm specifically talking about Afrobeat in this instance. Afrobeat is from Nigeria originally. Part of me wants to go where afrobeat originated... to be there on the soil where it came from. I've been where hip-hop was created. I've been where jungle/drum&bass was created, and where dubstep was originated. I've been where the melbourne shuffle started (guess where? lol), and where techno and house grew up. Where footwork was born. Music and culture mean a lot to me. It's unviersal and yet not

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listening to music from the African continent gives me so much life... then I remember I can't really safely travel there because I'm a trans woman and that kinda saddens me... then I remember that the music is right here with me, and no one can take it from me, so then I'm happy again. I'll be here dancing in the safety of my own home, just try and stop me.

This migration to Nextcloud feels good but wow WebDAV on Mac sucks lol yikes

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Today's bass face brought to you by: The amazing bass solo on Chromology by Thank You Scientist 😤

Me: I guess I'm supposed to have accounts on a bunch of instances right? They're all different in some way

Federated timelines: start looking exactly the same

Me: 😯

Noooo my NextCloud sync stopped when my computer went to sleep last night. So many hours added to my sync time oof

I am curious about diaspora... I'm a bit overwhelmed with all this fediverse stuff... anyone care to give me some pointers? I apparently need a pod? lol

Apparently folks have been on the birdsite recanting old tales of when they used to work where I still working a decade+ later. Almost regret leaving the cursed birdcage before I had a chance to chime in. Alas, is the life for me these days.

Private - Waiting transcoding

Story of my life PeerTube, Story Of My Life.

Finally used davinci resolve for something and I think I love video now lol coincidentally they just released v18, which looks really fun. All I have to do now is film things... I guess?

playing the song over and over just to hear the the chorus in its proper context again and again and again and again

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trans femme dysphoria 

Ahhhhh they discontinued the wig style I have been using for years ahhhhhh I have to try new hair ahhhhhhh this is either good or bad I don't knowwwwwwww I hope it's good ahhhhhhhh at least there's free shipping

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