lol mercury retrograde is kicking my ass. Everything to do with communication or transportation or other "mercury things" are entirely fucked.

how upset should I be about my friend misgendering my non-binary Solasta character? Their name is X and their pronouns are they/them. My friend can't stop calling them she/her... It's just a game but it makes me worry if I should ever introduce this friend to someone with they/them pronouns

My spouse and I have a podcast about our marriage and the challenges we've faced since my coming out as a trans woman a few years ago. The reception of it seems to be warm so far. We're hoping to help folks by sharing about our personal stuff. Check it out if that sounds interesting to you

FWIW I'm not going back to the bird app regardless of how that deal shakes down - I deleted my account and I'm never going back :)

Is there a website I can look up whether or not a given musical artist is LGBTQ+ "phobic" ? Every time I discover a new band I wonder... Today's wondering is about David Maxim Micic... I'm really digging this work... but... do they hate people like me? I dunno.

mental health / ideation 

"Send an angel to pull me from the hell below
This weight is far too much to own and this body doesn’t feel like home
Send an angel, I feel I’m flying all alone
So lift me up or let me go because this body doesn’t feel like home"

(from Periphery - Flatline)

Could it be that I've had so many meetings and document writing sprints lately that my yearning for more techncial work is now expressing itself as a desire to configure command line clients for everything (again?) Or Am I just a linux nerd at heart, who spent too long in the far away land of Mac GUI Things (tm). Yes, it could also be both.

No... what I really must do is migrate to a new cloud hosting provider, so I can spend time configuring another system. Because... I can't get enough... of ... configuring things... I guess.

annnnnnd I have circled back to the point where I tell myself that the cli is all I need and all this GUI stuff is just a bunch of fluff and NeoMutt really is the best email client because email should be text amirite? and khal is nice. What would I be missing out on? HTML junk mail? Just because it's a massive pain in the ass to set up doesn't mean it's not worth it right? I mean... right?

got a mail server to pass all of google's spam checks, and my outgoing mail doesn't hit spam by default. Feels good!

definitely didn't spend the most beautiful weekend of the spring so far sitting at my computer installing linux and openbsd on my alienware PC nope not me definitely didn't (totally did)

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