asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

I'm sure many of my autistic kin will agree that finding the right clothing is as critical as it is impossible, but one of the most infuriating to buy for me are socks and (AMAB) undies. Anyone got experience with autism friendly fabrics/brands? I've heard good things about bamboo, anyone got opinions on that? Brands/shops will need to ship to EU. Boosts appreciated!

asking for clarification 

@secretlySamantha i personally like the HEMA stuff but i'm not sure if im experiencing the same issue as you so not sure what value this information has to you ><

if you don't mind explaining, what do you mean my an autism friendly fabric/brand?

asking for clarification 

@riley is it's any help. A lot of people with autism have sensory issues, and that can make clothes and labels very uncomfortable.

There's no one size fit all in this regard, but I think soft non-itchy stuff few often requested.


asking for clarification 

@maloki oh damn TIL

I definitely have that with labels (and also tight fitting sleeves around my elbows)

so in the case of labels, most of the HEMA stuff has labels printed on the fabric itself so it's probably worth checking out

asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

@secretlySamantha Bamboo is super soft (but not very environmentally friendly unfortunately) I can't speak to your specific sensitivities, but I (AMAB) find supportive jocks to be the most comfortable and they usually don't have extra tags on the inside or anything. My current go-to is the GYM Jock from Not sure on their EU shipping but I believe they will.

asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

@secretlySamantha re: socks -- I like ankle socks the best and usually wind up with athletic ankle socks from target. Although they keep canceling the brand that I find and like, so the search continues.

asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

@enby bamboo is not enviromentally friendly? That's surprising to me, as it usually is quoted as being. Though I haven't really looked into it so maybe I shouldn't be surprised

asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

@secretlySamantha it's greenwashing unfortunately. Growing Bamboo to my understanding is relatively environmentally friendly, but the process of turning it into fabric is... less so.

asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

@enby @secretlySamantha
Here is an exception to the greenwashing.
BAM Bamboo Clothing have impressive credentials, and a circular economic model - they will take and recycle products when they are past the point of usable, and their whole business model focusses on responsible sustainability.

asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

@secretlySamantha Be open minded about fabrics and such. In our family (>2 autistic folk), some like merino, some wool, some 100 cotton, some cotton-stretchy blend. I love smelly scratchy natural wools - yak wool, for instance. Nobody else wants that near their skin. Bamboo is great in hot weather but cold otherwise. Silk or silk/merino blend thermals can be good. You said AMAB - so long as you have them, remember to support them well if you are cycling, running, etc - the consequences of not doing so are dire. Socks: invest wisely. I have bridgedale knee socks that I bought ?8 years ago, walk 8-20 km a day, and have only had to darn them once.

asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

@secretlySamantha fwiw, you could try maggie's organics. (maggiesorganics dot com). right now the socks range between 92% and 98% cotton, (supply chain issues), but that's still better than most socks I've found. -I have bad allergies and a high percentage of synthetic fibers usually make me itch.

asking for recommendation, autism, boosts pls 

@secretlySamantha I like bamboo and nylon fabrics. By far the least annoying of all the things I've tried so far. Boody makes nice bamboo stuff if you can find that somewhere.

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