hetero-attracted aces, do you consider yourself straight, queer, both, neither or other? I ask this without any gatekeepy bullshit, just out of interest. If you like a label, it's yours :) boosting is appreciated for larger sample size

@secretlySamantha For me, it’s complicated.

As for “straight”, it looks like people use it with different meanings: in some contexts it’s used to describe someone who’s not gay, and in others to describe someone who’s not under the lgbtqia+ umbrella. Never sure if it applies to me.

As for “queer”, I’m torn between feeling that my perception of life, romance, and intimacy differs from most people’s (so I would be queer in some way), and thinking that I’m “too square” to describe myself as such.

@secretlySamantha It's definitely complicated.

I'm aromantic, so not even romantically attracted to anyone. Perhaps a bit less attracted to other men than to women, but so close to zero on both accounts that it doesn't really matter.

But still, a lot of my experience is based on heteronormativity, and in many ways matches more being straight than being queer. I am absolutely not straight, but queerness doesn't quite cover it either.

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