software accesibility rant 

okay so this is totally not the reason why you should care about accessibility but I find it so weird that devs hardcore don't care about accessibility because of a very good reason: in 90% of the cases making something more accessible means "make it easier to parse for technology" and like, why wouldn't you do that? That's gonna make your own life so much easier. Testing, monitoring, benchmarking, debugging, all the things are helped by that!

software accesibility rant 

@secretlySamantha I have been making the argument for a while that 9 times out of 10, good accessibility comes down to just maintaining proper code health, AKA doing the stuff you know you should already be doing anyway. It doesn't win me any points, but is true!


software accesibility rant 

@objectinspace telling people to do the things that are good for them definitely doesn't win you any points sometimes! (just look at security) I'm with you and hopefully if we keep saying that we might see some change at least!

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