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are you a statistics enby (i.e. mean(man,woman)) a quantum mechanical enby (i.e. superposition of |man> + |woman> and can change when observed) or a linear algebra enby where you are mearly projected onto the [man,woman] spectrum but cannot be fully described in fewer dimensions?

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A word about the safeword in my bio: I try to be inclusive, considerate, and generally not an arsehole, but I am not always able to do that, consciously or not. I sometimes have trouble reading the room, even more so online. The safeword can be used to unambiguously signal that I have fucked up. If you send me that, I'll try to stop and reach out to understand what it is that I have done wrong if appropriate. This is open to anyone and I hope this can become a more widespread practice.

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I am now accepting applications for pro bono work. If you are a person or organisation (registered or not) that is or works with/for marginalised identities, especially LGBTQ+, or black/anti-racist activism please get in contact with me. I cannot guarantee I have the expertise or time to help you, but you're always welcome to reach out so we can work something out together, even if you're not sure. See rest of the thread for things I might be able to help with:

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If NFC's capacity for raw data ever gets above 8kb. We might see a world where it is possible to distribute NES games over NFC. Balloon Fight was 16kb.

A much better use for Amiibo if you ask me.

Trick for dealing with neurotypicals 

It avoids stigmas, actually hilights the relevant part, which can help even if they are familiar and at least for me made it a lot easier to say, and I suspect I got s lot more understanding than I would have if I'd used the term autistic. Definitely gonna try this more often

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Trick for dealing with neurotypicals 

So for example, today I was talking about sensory processing issues with a skin therapist. I said "I have a neurological condition that makes my brain less able to filter stimuli so for example I can always feel the clothes on my skin. Having body hair makes that even worse" instead of saying "I have autism" and I think this could be s really effective tactic in some scenarios

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Trick for dealing with neurotypicals 

Here's a trick I thought of today for dealing with neurotypicals. Because people have very strong, and often incorrect associations with names it can be very effective to name the relevant phenomenon instead of the name. (Cont.)

Finally for Ace Week, if I'm allowed to self-promo a bit, I'm an asexual author who has published two books with asexual protagonists and ace romance.

Trying to write the kind of books I've always wanted to read!

BOOKS & BONE is a haunted but oddly sweet story of librarians and necromancy.

NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is a cosy queer portal fantasy where a group of TTRPG nerds in their 30s must navigate the world of their game.

Swear, caps 

I guess the one upside to it this time is that it's for Lazer which hopefully means I'll have to do less of it in future. The one thing I'm kinda worried about is that I just did a piss pore job and so it won't work as well but fuck it, i guess we'll just have to find out don't we

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Swear, caps 


wait, not everyone on this webbed site is trans? sucks for them

Been learning about systemd et al. today. It has not been fun

Miss info for humour 

Yesterday I installed a switch emulator and today my internet is broken. Nintendo has gone too far

Finding blue hair on my clothes and being like "the hot lesbians were here :blob_cat_aww:"

Stealing Ubuntu's naming scheme for hug linux just so there can be a version called soft shark with a blåhaj default wallpaper

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