Mention of eugenics, plz boost 

Tutorial makers be like "Okay welcome to my course on tuning hyper parameters of Support Vector Machines for sequential classification. First of all we're gonna use a format called JSON, which you can parse with this really nifty library called Pandas. I've also prepared a script for this course so if you know how to run a python script go ahead and run that and then we're pretty much done"

Some judges in the Netherlands are asking for the maximum possible sentence for murder without pre-meditation to be increased. Putting aside the discussion of how the prison-industrial complex is inhumane and ineffective (which it is), I wonder if any of them has thought of how much extra that is going to cost. Like, if that's what you want whatever, I can't seem to change your mind, but you should at least think about the implications of stuff like that before you go gung ho on that stuff

Gender slider, filled out accurately 


if you say "lesbians are the most privileged group in the community" i'll just assume that you see all lesbians as white and cis. lesbians of color exist. trans lesbians exist. trans lesbians of color exist. drop the lesbophobia and you might just see that.


It's funny how the worst villains in video games are called bosses. It's like game developers know what capitalism is really all about.

all aboard the social dysphoria express! 

i dont function good when all im made to feel is bad about myself. and i dont wanna make other people feel bad. growing is a good thing. something to be proud of. and we're all doing it all the time. im proud of you

Yall yall yall

@ljames made these wonderful emoji of my character which I've uploaded to the instance for use!

:bowie: :bowie_blush: :bowie_heart: :bowie_laugh: :bowie_music: :bowie_sad: :bowie_sweat: :bowie_tongue: :bowie_wink:

They are open for commissions!

Make the palatable gays feel threatened and make the queer kids feel safe

Mention of Holocaust and slavery 

Mods and admin!!!

If you have instance block recommendations pls file under #fediblock

@gingerrroot and I started this as a way to collect them for reference

Easier to have it under a hashtag so they can be found. Pls and thanks

I need some fediverse advice. Since comming here I've been getting more into the idea of using federated services like gitea vs github, having a static blog vs medium etc. Question is, where do you host that shit? my first instinct was something like AWS but doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose? also actually hosting it on a literal server I made sounds like a really bad idea. halp.

I don't like it when the world is mean to my friends :(

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