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are you a statistics enby (i.e. mean(man,woman)) a quantum mechanical enby (i.e. superposition of |man> + |woman> and can change when observed) or a linear algebra enby where you are mearly projected onto the [man,woman] spectrum but cannot be fully described in fewer dimensions?

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A word about the safeword in my bio: I try to be inclusive, considerate, and generally not an arsehole, but I am not always able to do that, consciously or not. I sometimes have trouble reading the room, even more so online. The safeword can be used to unambiguously signal that I have fucked up. If you send me that, I'll try to stop and reach out to understand what it is that I have done wrong if appropriate. This is open to anyone and I hope this can become a more widespread practice.

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I am now accepting applications for pro bono work. If you are a person or organisation (registered or not) that is or works with/for marginalised identities, especially LGBTQ+, or black/anti-racist activism please get in contact with me. I cannot guarantee I have the expertise or time to help you, but you're always welcome to reach out so we can work something out together, even if you're not sure. See rest of the thread for things I might be able to help with:

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copyright, disney, microsoft 

Copyright is, by design, more suitable for megacorps (or copyright trolls).

It lasts longer than the life of the creator... and can be sold to companies.

The difficulty of defending small and/or non-commercial projects is often prohibitive.

"Investigation" and enforcement depend entirely on the creator (or company) to put up their resources.

And it is just too hard to even find out about it if the original isn't famous enough.

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Kinda passive aggressive subtoot of nobody in particular 

This is a friendly reminder to whoever might need it that being fat is not a moral failing 🙃

we talk about “imposter syndrome” a lot in our communities, but rarely does anyone explain that it’s actually a complex trauma reaction, like cPTSD

capitalism motivates employers to constantly play down our worth; and it winds up gaslighting us into thinking we don’t have value

A few questions for #asexual / #demisexual people:

What has your experience with online dating been like? Did you manage to find other aspec people, or at least open-minded allos? What websites or apps have you used, and did you like them?

Bonus points if you have tried online dating in Europe recently, but any answers from #aspec people are appreciated! :boost_ok:

Does anyone know how much birds cost?

I've heard they're going cheep

it’s hard to have a confident sense of self-value when there’s so often an economic incentive for managers to understate your worth, so they can keep the cost of employing you down

“imposter syndrome” isn’t a bug in the way our industry works; it’s an intentional “feature”

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Gonna start saying "revenge!" instead of "cheers" or "your good health" when clicking glasses and then refuse to elaborate

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If it can run on a pi zero w then I think we're well within the realm of having solar powered fediverse servers be a thing

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AI & descrimination, sex toys mention 

*unnecessarily sexualizing
usually I don't bother with correcting typos but this one seems kind of important

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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you comfort and support ✨

AI & descrimination, sex toys mention 

also the more pedantic stuff:
- yes it does say PRIDE day, both as in day vs. month and with the weird capitalisation.
- I say gay elements because that's the best translation I could think of for "homoseksuele inslag" which I actually have no idea what that means but it sounds icky.
- why does this example have to be about sex toys, seriously stop necessarily sexualizen gay folk.
I'm actually at a loss what this is even about

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AI & descrimination, sex toys mention 

so leave it to the cishets to turn gay discrimination around to be about how the hets are being discriminated against and thus lose the opportunity for a 5€ gift card. these are government guidelines. I'm actually kind of angry about this

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