Right, except for private windows.

This is the most annoying feature of #Firefox for me, and a user-hostile #UX antipattern.

How this plays out is this: you have no obvious indication that an update is pending, until that one time, you click a link and instead of your page, you get this tab. The browser is now unusable until you let it restart, interrupting whatever it was you were doing at the moment.

Like e.g. being in the middle of a multi-step form filling process on a government page.

Is this some kind of windows only problem? Never happened to me on linux or macos. Maybe there is some option to disable automatic updates?


@nesc @temporal it happens to me on Linux but never on macOS. Is this a new behavior? I didn't notice it until a couple weeks ago.

Tested a bit. I'm almost sure it happens only with "official" mozilla builds bc ones built by my distribution don't to it. You can disable this behaviour in about:config.


@sarayourfriend For me it's on Linux (Ubuntu), but I think it's also happening on Windows too. It's been bugging me for some year or two now, maybe longer. Definitely not new behavior. @nesc

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