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then canonical tried to force unity desktop into 12.04 mainline and i started distro hopping. including a pretty successful go at installing arch linux, which i guess is somewhat impressive at 13-14. that's also when i arrived at xfce as my desktop environment of choice

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it's strange to think about how it's not an exaggeration that i've been using linux for a decade, i think i started using ubuntu at like 11.04 or maybe 10.04

i also kind of want to make him test krita to see what he thinks of it as an artist. i've been using it in place of gimp for very simple image editing and It's Fine but i don't know if it's missing any features that are essential to artists

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when my boyfriend and i move into the same house i am going to subject him to my "one computer with windows on it only" rule.

sorry babe you decided this when you decided to go out with a massive technology nerd 5+ years ago there's no escaping my nerdy ways

in case anyone has been wondering the deluge of spam phone calls i've been getting ever since i registered a .us domain has not let up, so it was really a mistake to provide an actual phone number for the whois info

pain, doctors, negative 

it's just so exhausting to have to manage and schedule all of those different appointments, it's so exhausting to have to make phone calls, it's so exhausting to have to follow up on this stuff, i just can't manage it on my own, my mom is way too intrusive in this sort of stuff if i give her ANY leeway and my dad is busy trying to get end of life care squared away for his own dad, so.. lol no help at all from anyone that i will accept

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pain, doctors, negative 

my shoulder has been in so much pain that i can't do the shit i want to for like a week. it makes me really scared about my future ability to work and do things that i find "fun".

i really hate myself for letting all of the referrals i got from my doctor (psych, pain doctor, occupational therapy) drop off and not following up on that but i just don't have the energy to manage that stuff on my own, and i have no easy way to have someone help with it

i want to replace a lot of the switches on the edges (tab, caps lock, backslash, enter and maybe bksp) so they have stiffer springs so i dont hit those keys by accident as often. that's actually the serious reason

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going to replace the enter key on my new hotswap mechanical keyboard with the loudest god damn switch i can find, so my newlines sound authoritative

i wish i knew how to get into that zone because i just spent 3 hours straight coding and debugging this prototype we have to turn in for c++ and it looks slightly like shit but other than that i'm proud

it looks like this ( ) is the display, or it's a clone of this display.. i don't understand the power delivery on this lcd driverboard because it seems like they have both 5v and 3v3 going into the driver board depending on whether you're directly plugged in or running off the battery. i guess i'll just be safe and feed it 3v3 when i get around to trying to use this thing

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i guess i just have to hope that that test pad takes precedence over the wireless shit made to connect to the quadcopter..

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i remembered i had a really cheap lcd from a very cheap quadcopter that one of my uncles thought i might be interested in but.. im not really a drone guy. so i took the screen apart and although the panel itself is anonymous but on the driver board it comes with, there's a single test pad labeled 'video'... composite maybe?

it's supposed to just be part of a very bold and anonymous outfit. not really specifically "furry" per se but well, it may end up that way..

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i remembered my plague doctor mask that i'm going to make part of a concert outfit and when i placed that aliexpress order, i got a couple of rings of ws2812 leds to put around the eyes. hell.. yes

if i just bricked it in some way and it just needs an openwrt reflash then i'm pretty happy because i've been considering getting a cheapo gigabit switch off of ebay but if i can get one for $0 by reflashing openwrt all the better. the wifi radios in that thing seemed to be not properly working anyway

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oh yeah i finally got a usb-serial thingy from aliexpress so now i can gut that wndr4300 and see what the hell is actually up with it since it doesn't boot properly

i have been getting a spam call every half hour

twice now i have had to update zoom when trying to go to my class.. because i have it in a flatpak and i have nothing else in flatpak, and when its not up to date it literally just silently fails to launch. i got a crash prompt so at LEAST i can tell them exactly what the issue is

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