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that the Edmonton Public Library, in Edmonton, AB, Canada, has a seed library. It offers a collection of free seeds that you can "borrow, grow, and share."

This is so wholesome and fantastic I think I'm going to lose my sh*t


Had a BIT of a close run-in with a coyote 😬😬 but enjoyed a very nice Sunday morning ride in a sunny 18 degrees 😎

#getoutside #biking #cycling #discoveredmonton #discoveralberta #bikeride #edmonton #skyline

Formula 1 Silverstone 

Once again, I feel bad for Charles. Feel like he's getting the short end of the stick a lot. :dislike:

So.. I love @protonvpn, right. Paying for premium and everything.

But my #1 pet peeve is that, even when I am using a Canadian server, Instagram will claim I am logging in from Moscow. 😩

This means I get odd messages and restrictions like "accounts from Russia cannot run ads right now" on this one professional account I'm involved with.

I really, *really* wished they'd fix this.

I got myself a new shirt! It's so that, even when I'm not out #SUPing, I am reminded that SUPing exists. 🏞️

#standuppaddleboard #standuppaddle #tshirt #getoutside

I've started up a account at @the.robyn!

It'll mostly have outdoorsy-type pictures, like from / , , , that sort of thing.

If you like that sort of imagery, come tag along :ablobcatheart:

It's Canada Day weekend and I've had today off from work. I swear SUP'ing is meditative for me.

Pictured: Lazily drifting back to the dock after about an hour of paddling.

USPOL reference 

I don't even live in the US but I am so angry that I feel physically ill. Disgusted beyond belief.

What a sick, twisted, misogynistic, discriminatory decision.

Welp, we did it. Traded the over a decade old sedan, which was close to falling apart, for a PHEV!!

We try to bike, e-scoot, and take transit as much as possible, but we do need one car between the two of us here on the prairies. We'd been looking for a hybrid/EV for a while, but they were *insanely* difficult to find. New orders take 8-12 months!!

In the end, I think we just got lucky on a very gently used 2021 model. So far, our fuel economy is at 0.2 l / km. 😭

So we've got clover cover instead of a lawn, and then it rained and it looked pretty and I took this phone wallpaper candidate picture 🍀


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