There. Deleted all the forks I had on GitHub, moved the very few repos I care about over to Codeberg.

I'm keeping my GH account just in case I need to write issues or whatever on projects there, but no more of my personal code will land on GitHub.

Vote with your feet, people.

@robdaemon did they do something specific, or is this more of a "be less centralized" move? All I see in the recent news is that they're charging for copilot.

@silvermoon82 Copilot bothered me from the get-go, but the fact that they've gone ahead and decided to monetize it (and it includes GPL licensed code in its training set) is enough for me to finally leave it.

@silvermoon82 but yes, I've also been trying to decentralize a lot too.

Congrats, we thought we'd take a lil look at your instance after reboosting your valiant effort.

Its halfway good, the (assets) CDN is Amazon which is a regretful "no no" in our realm. Could be used to track people's scrolling over there timeline, thus we are putting it in the danger category for now.

Hopefully it improves.


@silvermoon82 @dsfgs so Codeberg isn’t a host I control, they’re a non-profit out of Germany. But I can raise that concern over the CDN use with them.

Hi, apologies for any confusion, we didn't mean Codeberg but, who are using Amzn for hosting media.


@robdaemon yeah, copilot was sketchy from the start, and monetizing it is gross.

@robdaemon Moved most of my things to Gitlab (which is not unproblematic itself of course) back in 2018 when Microsoft bought Github.

I'm not sure how much this addresses larger problems at least for publicly available code. Assuming you're using a OSI-approved licence, anyone can fork your code and host the fork at Github (where it can then be fed into Copilot; and who's to say they don't scan other forges for Copilot?).

@emacsomancer There are a limited number of things I can do, short of giving up FOSS entirely (not going to happen) so I chose to take my works under my direct control away from their servers.

@robdaemon Hopefully in the future you won't even need a GH account, after Gitea gets federation!

@ta180m I would like that very much. Not that I think Microsoft will federate GH with it but still.

@robdaemon I haven't actively used Github in years, but this seems like a good time to remove whatever cruft has accumulated on my account.


If I ever had public repos on Github, I probably would have removed them when Microsoft acquired Github. I kept my account since I mostly use it for interacting.

I sometimes think of public content in a git based repo, but feel too obligated to make it look complete and professional. Most of the thing I want to share are more blog friendly, but I've never liked blogging.

I did vote with my feet when YouTube asserted they could put ads on any video−by removing all of mine.

@ne1for23 @robdaemon I am thinking of writing a code generator trained on code from thedailywtf as well as the commits before commits with "bugfix" in its name, then uploading that code to GitHub to make Copilot worse.

Additional points for using only outdated hash functions.

@robdaemon I don't see the issue with GitHub (they even provide upgraded accounts to NGOs) , but I'm all for choosing a nonprofit / humane provider.

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