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Climate change, personal consequences 

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I have a degree in linguistics. The etymology of a word is not the same as the meaning of a word, and it's certainly not the "true meaning" that we somehow unconsciously absorb without knowing.

If etymology was the same as meaning we wouldn't be able to distinguish between shirts and skirts; aprons, and napkins. We'd have to talk about "evil movies" instead of "bad movies" because "bad" was possibly a homophobic term in the 1300s.

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@mcmoots @lindentreeisle on the off-chance they do, then they usually foresee themselves making a community with other like-minded(TM) self-sufficient(TM) traditional(TM) homesteaders(TM)

(white. white, hetero, and able-bodied.)

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@alpine_thistle @lindentreeisle even if their threat model is ecological collapse or w/e rather than "the government", "self sufficiency" means they don't understand how neighbors and community are supposed to work.

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@lindentreeisle exactly. Also “self-sufficiency” and “self-reliance”: does this mean they buy 5 products to avoid buying 1 product (ignorant but whatever), or does it mean they fear the government taking their guns and vaccinating their children (yikes)

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I used to be in favor of “homesteading” but on further reflection it’s just clueless white people at best and straight-up fascists at worst

“Gardening” and “DIY” are normal non-dogwhistle words but “homesteading” and “self-sufficiency” send up extreme red flags

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It's wild how the game industry is absolutely terrified of unionizing.

As if the industry will collapse if we pay people fairly and don't force them to work insane hours.

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shouldn't you just... you know, buy music from something that's NOT a big record label?

so you're not pirating it

and they're not exploited?

can you use the same arguments for chinese labor in apple products that you make for music theft?

"piracy isn't theft" because the huge corporation is exploiting musicians

but replaced with exploiting chinese labor?

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uspol, gun control 


stereotypical organizing
false flag plants
false flag plants who really, really like concern trolling
natsec plants
people who genuinely just like china/russia without working for it
somehow powerful idiots can just ride on institutional power
anarchists that suck at explaining anarchism
capitalists pretending to be anarchist/socialist/organizers
downright scams
standard yelling matches / attacks against the person vs argument
constructive posts about black history

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Blood quantum 

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Also even then, proprietary corporations don't give a shit about security. Citrix NetScaler is literally advertised as a security device, an application firewall.

But we've just had to apply a hacky fix on January 3rd once I returned to work and a fix isn't estimated to be available for the newest versions until January 24th.
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2020 has just been a waterfall of security hell ever since it started
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2020 really is off to a terrible start in almost every regard. Windows has two massive security flaws, Citrix is being #Shitrix since basically day one of the year, an Internet Explorer 0-day is actively exploited, Adobe software has finally gotten a bunch of memory corrutpion bugs techincally extendable to code execution patched, Atlassian Bitbucket servers got a Remote Code Execution vuln, three giant Wordpress plugins used on probably half a million sites got vulns, most notably infiniteWP, Firefox got a critical security patch about two weeks ago.
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What a strange coincidence that if people just ran Linux with non-proprietary software you're affected by basically nothing except the firefox one, and a few minor ones scattered about.

Hopefully this keeps going indefinitely from now and skyrockets the costs of companies running proprietary shitware
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mom is trying to say "This whips ass" (i dont even want to know where she heard that) and instead she said, "This spreads ass cheeks!" so there we are.

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