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so, this social network thing is fun.

I've been away from these for a bit.

new key worries:

a) it's difficult to tell if people are parodies or not, glad I'm not being quizzed on it
b) people seem to know lots more about a subject, glad I'm not being quizzed on it

mostly I just wanna peacefully find my niche c: <3

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A lot of buzz about LastPass. If you're looking for a different password manager, there are also:

1️⃣ KeePassXC
2️⃣ Bitwarden
3️⃣ 1Password
4️⃣ Firefox Lockwise

And here's how I deal with my logins, passwords and 2FA

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GitHub, but federated.

Folks host their own instance, and you can follow, "star" and contribute to other people's repos and orgs using your account, from your instance.
Oh, and you get notifications from remote repos, visible on your instance.

This must exist already, right?
Decentralised development, but better than Email?

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@bendersteed I suspect Lisp is more generally intuitive than it's given credit for. But most people come to Lisp with enough knowledge of other languages to create potential interference.

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'Rescuing workers from slavery is crucial, but it works as a medicine that lowers the temperature but does not cure the body. We need to attack the system that leads to the reproduction of slave labour.' writes.

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Tech security reminder: your typewriter ribbon is a keystroke logger.

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twitter tries to make you sign up on every other click you make, i don't know if that's a succesful tactic, it just makes me close the window.
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Wikipedia is named after the rare and mysterious Wikipede, a bug which has lots of legs and brains 🐛

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"Oh, so every commie that ever done some shit is a right-wing dictator who appropriated left-wing rhetoric," said the Enlightened Centrists, "Well then where are the far left people appropriating far right talking points?"

Some far right asshole: "If you give me power, I'll save the working people by killing the evil rich, which are mostly Jews."

No one on the far left: "If we ever get power, we'll kill some gay people for...freedom? Equality? Uh, guys? Where are you going?"

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also my phone autocorrected "white dude" to "whine dude" and touché, phone

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#Fosstodon #Stickers are back!

Not only that, but we also have new designs. If you want to get some cool swag for your laptop, while supporting Fosstodon, check out our new Sticker Shop:

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(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog 

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Oh hey turns out the Nokia 8110 4G is running KaiOS which is a fork of Mozilla's abandoned B2G ("FirefoxOS") and is ran on top of BusyBox.

And people figured out how to get root on it :blobowo:

So if one were to write an XMPP application for KaiOS...

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@lain Purism are just trying to go too fast. Fantastic concept, but the market for more open components is hot garbage.

That said Purism have contributed a lot of software and are putting in tons of effort it seems. So even if their PR is a disaster, there's good intentions behind it.

But it's just flat out going to be too expensive and/or difficult to do both software and hardware in one go.

The Librem 5 is the more "complete solution" right now but they're doing so by brute force.

Pinephone is providing cheaper and more accessible hardware which will probably do much more good long-term.

The best strategy imo is to get a solid software base whatever sacrifices must be made, then slowly but gradually replace components revision by revision until who knows, maybe one day there's a Pinephone 10 that's actually fully open.

But trying to solve software and hardware by brute force is ridiculous, while Purism have mostly proven that it is possible, it seems far from sustainable. But who knows, I'd happily like to see them prove me wrong
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Also if there is a market, I hope it makes manufacturers of mobile components open up their stuff and/or implementing it in the mainline kernel, because almost every mobile chip out there is just a crappy proprietary locked down black box. That benefits all phones, not just Linux phones, Android phones with custom roms too
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I really hope the Librem 5 and Pinephone manage to kick off Linux phones enough for there to be more models down the line.

It's already fair to say that at least the Pinephone is a success among enthusiasts, and while the Librem 5 is under a lot of controversy, it seems like they will be able to launch a very good, albeit expensive phone at some point.

But if say a Pinephone 2 never ends up being created, then it'll just be another super cool device that enthusiasts loved, but which then falls in to obscurity only to never leave
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@lain can't wait to sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda my phone
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