I need to get better about content warnings. And I need to (shit)post more.

Alc mention 

Trying to be responsible, both in terms of my health and finances.

But I'm at work for another hour, and I want coffee and a cinnamon roll.

Driving to work, I realized I forgot my laptop. Not a big deal, because I have a laptop at work. Just some of my writnigs and notes and whatnot are on my personal laptop.

Get to work and realize I remembered everything else for my laptop, including my charger and headphone adapter. But still somehow managed to forget the laptop. I sometimes amaze myself by just how stereotypical-absent-minded-professor I am.

boppin around playing botw, this goes here as well now that i've moved accounts

You kids with your triscuits and your biscuits. In my day we had a plain old monoscuit and that was good enough for us

One of my students is switching from majoring in comp sci to accounting.

Where did I go wrong?

@Nikolai_Kingsley They may have to switch between laptop and PC, but I doubt many if any of them have seen a teletype or VT100. They were using what I think was their own Surface tablet to write Java code, and they were hunting & pecking.

If I type on any computer that isn't my own, I often have to look at the keyboard, because I can't touch-type on QWERTY anymore, because Dvorak ruined me. I just don't know how I would have gotten anything done if I always had to look at the keyboard.

@CoronaCoreanici I didn't read your bio very carefully, because I missed the part about DM before requesting to follow. I saw math, demsoc, and other things that made you seem like the cool sort of person I like to have in my timeline, and I got excited.

Feel free to disregard my request. My fault for not reading carefully.

Tarot deck: oh you really going to do that? Ok.

I don't understand how computer science students get by without learning how to touch-type.

Walk into one class, on the board is "Information Structures 🙂 " I guess someone likes that class I teach.

Walk into another class. On the board is "rip fortnite"

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