Sleepy-time in the Corgi-Wolf house.


Rocket League is now free on the Epic Games Store.

It is the burrito of neato. ^w^

@yeenbean @owashii And probably will given how much of each other's phrases and whatnot we've picked up from each other.

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@Louisa *i mouth the lyrics to 9 to 5 by dolly parton* mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem mlem

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:blobfoxeyes: ← me looking at all the bi people on the one day of the year i can see them

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bi visibility jokes never get old but you always see them coming

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yes i’m bi and pan and yes i’m in an outwardly hetero marriage; we exist, we are queer, and we are still valid.

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It was well before my time, but Community Memory was such a cool project.

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Being privileged and disadvantaged at the same time 

It's really not that hard to understand that you can be disadvantaged and privileged at the same time.

I am disadvantaged by a disabling chronic illness that's taken much of my life away from me. But privileged by my partner and I being in a comfortable financial position, something many disabled people don't have.

I'm disadvantaged by being a woman, but privileged by being a white cis woman. I still experience oppression (sexism, patriarchy), but the oppression isn't as bad as that which a black trans woman will experience (sexism, patriarchy, transphobia and racism).

You don't lose anything by understanding your privilege. With some reflection and honesty, you can gain a better understanding of the intersections of different privileges and disadvantages, and how you can work harder, and be a better ally with others.

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what health organizations are sharing in staff calls re: COVID 

hi y’all, i work for a healthcare org in the u.s. and i wanted to share what the current conversation is internally around covid.

the vaccine will not be signaling the end of social distancing. only 1/3rd of americans polled currently say they would get the vaccine, and the FDA is going to pass the first vaccine that hits the 50% effectiveness mark.

these numbers do not indicate that we will be able to “beat” the virus w/ a vaccine.

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Mostly directed that to myself, but also for anyone else who might need to hear it.

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Tired: Firefox is losing browser marketshare.

Wired: Firefox is gaining immensely but you don't know that because its built-in tracker protection makes it invisible. 🕵️

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This is probably in vain but: is anyone traveling from Ukraine to Germany (Berlin/Brandenburg area) some time soon and would be willing to transport a cat for me? Cat has all international papers and vaccinations etc. already.

+++ subtoot 

I have coffee and I have the love of a wonderful puppy, and there is nothing that can bring me down. ^w^

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