@BalooUriza @david not to deny you your self-identity, but somehow I doubt that.

Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 

@IceWolf Yeah, I've been trying to do IRL stuff and give myself a healthy distance from social media, even though it means missing some of my favorite critters.

I just need my car to hold together for another 3 weeks / 1,000 miles. That's all I'm asking for. Come Spring break I'll figure out WTF I'm doing.

@PsyChuan At 40, I have to say, no, you probably *won't* change your mind when you're older, and people need to accept that you know your needs and wants better than they do. Just because they were idiots about themselves at that age, doesn't mean you are. <3

How do you know someone is a bottom? 

How do you know someone is a bottom? 

shitpost, ??? 

@IceWolf I think that's what would happen, iirc. I've not used Twitter in like a year now.

@IceWolf agreed. And unlike birdsite it doesn't pop up saying you should download the app every fucking time you load the page.

PSA: You do NOT need a client app to use #Mastodon on mobile! The web interface works really /amazingly/ well, unlike what I've heard for Twitter and such. Try it out! :boost_requested:

@Cyborgneticz @david I'm white too, but in the gay community, racism is a big problem. I refuse to date any white person who has racial dating preferences. Same with people who are biphobic or transphobic, even though I'm cis and gay.

There's just a lot of people out there who don't see other people as people and it makes me sad.

@Cyborgneticz @david I can only imagine. It seems like I keep running into people who 1. aren't open to non-monogamy, 2. aren't willing to date someone spiritual/religious, or 3. are racist.

@Cyborgneticz @david

Thanks! Now here's hoping I can find my unicorn. xD

Seriously, Pittsburgh feels like slim pickings sometimes when it comes to dating.

Someone who is open to non-monogamy and accepts that if I love someone else, that doesn't mean I love them any less.

I want someone who isn't afraid of physical affection, and understands that sex is just one part of that.

I'm looking for someone who wants to join me on this journey.



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Thinking about what I'm looking for in a romantic partner, I rewrote my OKC profile a bit:


I'm looking for a masc person who isn't the typical ball of repressed emotions defaulting to anger that I've seen in so many men. I'm looking for someone who I can feel safe being vulnerable around, and whom I can help feel safe in the same way. I want to find someone who is equal parts fun and compassionate.


Half expecting @kd to see this and laugh in Canadian when they do.

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