I've got a 10am Zoom meeting with my department. Which virtual background should I use this week?

I've already used this one.

Backyard selfie, ec 

It's a beautiful day and I've cleared some of the overgrowth in back of my house and created a space to just sit and be.

I can't belive it was available and I managed to grab it.

Now that I got WSL2 set up with X410, I can install all my important Linux GUI apps on Windows. Apps like xbill.

Tried using bash on WSL2 to demonstrate a simple pipe-redirect to grep example only to have it completely and utterly fail.

Cat pics 

Clyde: meow.
Me: awoo.
Clyde: *flops at feet, purrs*

Garden pics 

No tomatoes yet. Might have transplanted them a bit late but I still have hope they'll beat fruit. The peppers are coming along nicely.

An email I received from the Pittsburgh Opera. They're doing a thing called Opera Without Walls, or OWOW.


My weekly Python quiz questions for this week, which are somehow an insight into my current mood.

Okay, I am impressed. I was turning off the VPN because I was worried about lag during games, but I think I'm just going to leave it on from now on.

Random diagram I've created for my data structures lecture today.

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