@rantingsteve So what level have you gotten to just so I know. Pro EVE player yet?

@Mace Social hermit. I've gone the special class/dual-class route of amateur Fortnite player and beserker forum-poster.

@rantingsteve wow so you're basically dual classing the same thing as me. interessting.

@david @Mace @rantingsteve Same except my inner dog tries to give more affection than I'm capable of sometimes

@owashii @Mace @rantingsteve It's ok, I don't demand affection. I can patiently wait for the good dog to come back out on his own

@david @Mace @rantingsteve one of many reasons I come back to you *wagwagwag* ❤️

@owashii @david @Mace My introversion is balanced out by my overwhelming desire for affection. I get the need for distance and recharging though.

Y'all, and @IceWolf, have been pretty amazing. When you're there, I feel all warm and squishy inside. When you're not there, you're worth waiting for. :ms_growing_heart:

Damn I'm mushy. I guess it's just that time of year.

@owashii @rantingsteve @Mace @IceWolf You deserve to be mushy, so am I with yall. I feel safe enough to even say, "everything is not fully perfect" here which has helped me say that a bit IRL.

I totally need lots of recharging and just had several days of nonstop people, so I'm going to stay home for a bit.

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