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Hi! I'm Steve. I teach undergrad at one of Pitt's regional campuses. I have a Master's in Comp Sci and another in Divinity (and a ton of student debt). Spiritual and religious, but in my own special syncretic way: influenced by Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Paganism.

Marxist-Humanist, cis male, gay, and polyamorous.

I like both video and tabletop games. I hoard books and vintage tech. I <3 FOSS

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Violence mention 

If you are queer and/or furry and your family or "friends" don't support you, I'm your older brother now, and I'll rip out the jugular of anyone who gives you shit.

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In lieu of a fursona, plz accept this picture of a plush wolf wearing my glasses.

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Dear fellow cis people,

Trans women are women.
Trans men are men.
Nonbinary people are people.
Respect pronouns.
Respect names.
Respect people.


PS. Cis is not a slur. You are not being oppressed for being cis.

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I am basically a giant teddy bear wolf thing. I offer hugs, glomps, head pats, scritches, belly rubs, and any other reasonable signs of affection peeps might be in need of today.

If that's not your thing, that's cool too. Boundaries and personal comfort are important. But the offer is there for those who might want or need it.

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Dear app developers,

If your app is just a web browser that loads the mobile version of your website, then what's the point?

Apple and Fortnite 

Kind-of sad though that most of the youngsters who play Fortnite won't get the 1984 reference.

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Apple and Fortnite 

Epic's video is quite possibly the best and most-well-deserved middle finger I've ever seen anyone give to Apple, and I hope they win the lawsuit.

Also, Epic needs to port their launcher and games to Linux already. Just saying.

Relationship sap 

The one upside to being apart from Owa is there's more opportunities to make him keysmash. X3

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Forced to get a Master's in philosophy purely to keep up with the absolutely cutthroat demands for shitposting

mh ~, covid 

Today's challenge: channel nervous energy into genuine excitement about a new academic year, my last year teaching at this school, and fostering hope that this will be a good year in spite of all the challenges of teaching during a global pandemic.

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You ever want to post something meaningful but you realize that not only does this require more effort than you can muster at the moment, but you're probably going to redraft it 14 times so it's easier to just bark dog noises instead bark bark woof? Bark bark arf bark woof, bark bark bark woof arf.

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I still don't feel comfortable "marketing" here (or anywhere tbh lol) and won't make many posts, but I wanna post about...

my partner and I's game Salad Fields is on a 50% off sale for a few more days!!

the game's a weird mix of puzzles and furries and weirdness
(cw for cartoony bondage and pixel flesh zone)

boosts are suuper appreciated tbh

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Anyone else ever been showering and briefly attempt to turn the water off by flailing your arms at it instead of actually doing anything to the faucet, or is that a corgi thing?

And I get bombarded by student emails the afternoon I'm making that 10-hour drive.

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Of course I wake up way too early before I have to drive 10 hours.

Food mention 

Owa's mom makes the best cheesecake I've ever had. And I lived in NYC for 8 years.

Today I:

- rented a car for my return trip to Pittsburgh.
- Spent 2+ hours working on work-related logistic stuff for classes starting next week! (AAAAAA!)
- Checked to make sure my registration stuff was submitted to PennDOT for my car.
- Made a phone call about a PPE order.

I am past my quota for adulting in one day.

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couple selfie, no ec 

Steve showed me this labyrinth thingy and we both took selfies in the center

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