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Made it to work. Successfully adulting today. Now to carpe all those diems.

Mastodon (the father), Mastodon (the son), Mastodon (the holy spirit)

There's Mastodon, the software. There's Mastodon, the project that develops that software. Then there's Mastodon, the misnomer for the network (in reality, "fediverse")

I need to leave for work. I don't want to go, not because of work, but because of the 75 mi drive each way. Really not feeling it today.

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:at B&N, I see their poster that educators get a 20% discount:
Me: Oh, cool! I should sign up.
:sees fine print, pre-k through 12th grade:
I guess us college instructors are too highly paid to deserve a discount. 😅😂😢

Fun fact, my middle name is Joseph.

I was an SJW before it was cool.

Unlike other social media, mastodon gives me a far greater ratio of warm-fuzzies to rage.

Business in the front

Party in the back

Revolution in the atrium

Constitutional convention in the breakfast nook



Also, while I'm venting: there's a feature of Java 10 I want to teach my students.

Labs only have AdoptOpenJDK version 8 installed.

And I know I'm going to get the "this doesn't work" if I try to cover it and explicitly say it won't work in the labs because you need Java 10 or later. Sigh.

Students e-mailing me 3 hours before an assignment is due, when they've had an entire week to attempt to figure it out and ask questions.

Yeah, no. I have to leave my house just after 6 am to get to work (2 hour commute each way), and Monday is my 10-hour day (14 if you count the commute). I'm not going to be checking my e-mail Sunday after 9 pm.

Fancy a sketch of a cute creature of your choice? Give me a ko-fi donation and I'll get right to it! ko-fi.com/brynndraws money goes towards food and meds! #art #MastoArt

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