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body hair positive 

girls with body hair are heaps cute just saying

food, surreal 

they said the queue was boring so i made them a roof out of pizza?


quitting programming because fuck the state

warmish take on attention seeking 

just sayin attention-seeking behaviour is actually fine and normal. It usually means the person needs some attention

context free nonsense 

unironically cackling like a witch because it's really fun

questioning a musician's gender 

tfw u find a band that seems cool with "girls" in the name, but then you find out its not girls but 2 ppl with explicitly masc names and no other info except they look very queer

i kinda hate this because i know men in music actually do appropriate fem/queer stuff as a marketing thing sometimes. these ppl may well be trans/egg but it would crush my soul to assume that then find out they're just men

just got a cool data structure to work in Rust 😄

its a tree data structure using a BTreeMap. The vals are nodes, the keys are u64 hashes of the nodes. The node hashing algorithm is designed so that they will be sorted by left-right position in the tree, with the 8 LSBs of the hash representing the depth.

its for a sequencer idea i had where each step can be subdivided into a number of substeps over a certain duration

turns out tint2 doesnt work in wayland :(

I really like how tint2 shows each app icon sorted into its workspace, so I can easily get an overview of which apps are open in which workspace. But ive never seen any other "bar" app that does that.

Swaybar, i3bar etc just show the workspace names with no other info about them whatsoever.

Plasma/XFCE have some vague depictions of workspaces, with all the app icons in a giant unsorted list.

I love gnome's workspace view, but it innt tiling :(

eating problems 

how are u supposed to eat lunch... unlike breakfast or dinner, its right in the middle of the day, which is also when ur supposed to be doing things, but its so hard to stop doing things just to make lunch and when i do it takes me aaages to get it all prepped and eat it! but whenever i miss it my body/brain dont function properly in the afternoon...

does anyone have experience getting wine/proton games to work under wayland. Kinda wanna switch to wayland but i dont think wine/proton support wayland


tbh protests arent just about putting pressure on the state but also to make apathetic bougie ppl conscious that the world is actually fucked and they just dont notice cuz they're privileged.

It's also probably why apathetic bougie ppl find protestors/rioters so offensive, they're trying really hard to be ignorant of our suffering, and we wont let them.

seeing an abuser (no detail of the actual abuse) 

Randomly saw an abuser today who i hadnt seen for a year or so and it stressed me the fuck out for some reason. We just said "hello" and it wasnt weird or anything but it made me feel so unsafe just seeing them around.

Guess it goes to show that time/space doesnt heal shit if theres no restorative justice effort.

weird gender thing i noticed 

when girls take selfies, the camera is almost always above them looking down, but when men do it it's usually face-on or below them looking up

i wanna get out of bed but gf is sleeping on me and its cute :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

i speak some japanese and dont watch much anime. often anime fans are really confusing cuz they will say something unintelligible using words theyve learned from anime, when the normal definition of those words is much less specific/different to what they think it is

normal v weird 

theres a thing common to ppl who consider themselves "weird" and ppl who consider themselves "normal", and that's that neither of them can explain to me what it actually means to be weird/normal in the first place lol


anyone else feel like they went through what religious ppl call a "spiritual awakening" but just never interpreted it that way because u aren't religious

food (pickles) 

pickled mustard green is my fav pickle. So tasty and versatile

beauty industry profiting off bigotry 

young white cis women criticizing the beauty industry: you make us feel bad when we dont wear makeup, and I'm slightly melancholy about it!

beauty industry: Phew! Glad they didnt notice how much we profit off making ppl feel ugly for being old, fat, disabled, non-white, trans, or having an unusual physical appearance for any reason. Lets roll out a meaningless campaign where we show our models without makeup and get some free advertising!


i wonder if the ppl who make mastodon spambots are all like "I'm cool, I dont make spambots for those mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they invade your privacy too much"

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