controversial opinion on video games 

u dont need to play the latest AAA games. u dont need the latest console / PC hardware.

There are literally thousands of brand new indie titles as well as older AAA titles you've probably missed that will run on lower spec hardware. Heck, modern AAA stuff often works fine on lower graphics settings.

There is no need to rush, these games will still be there a few years down the line, and a lot cheaper. Except online games ofc, but what can ya do

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw yes! i always stay at least one generation behind whatever's current. all the bug fixes are sorted, the games/hardware are cheaper, and most of what i play runs on a potato, anyway. when i saw the press releases for the steam deck my first thought was "nice, can't wait until the next one comes out," lol.

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw this has been my gaming philosophy for years and its saved me soooo much money with no real hit to quality of entertainment

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw Agreed so much. There are so many fun and amazing videogames that if you did nothing but play games all day every day you still wouldn't be able to play all the way through the best 10% of them in your lifetime - and if I went back in time and said as much ten years ago, it'd still be true.

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw Can't forget about emulation, text-based games, all that. MUD's!

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw and for console if when a new generation begin you can get the last one and their best AAA game for dirt cheap

re: controversial opinion on video games


... ok they're gone now

i mean, basically. there's so many games that are all fun, and don't require god-tier systems to run. some of my all-time favorite games run on low specs and are completely free. emulation is easy and obtaining roms are even easier, so you can enjoy games that might be next to impossible to play on their original systems.

only problem is online games, and yes, maybe you'll have to bite the bullet if you want to spend time with your friends in the latest multiplayer bingus. but aside from that, classics stay good. if any game ever becomes available on pc, it will get cracked, ensuring you'll be able to play it long after steam/gog goes down

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw nah your momma bro

@raeaw If those online games permit private servers, they'll still be there too.

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw and DRM is more likely yo be gone from these titles weather legitimately or with linux isos. PLAY THOSE LINUX ISOS PEOPLE

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw u dont need to play


I don't get this content warning, there are heaps of great content in those games 🤔

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw i built my computer about 10 years ago and recommend FOSS and indie games over most of the currently bland mainstream

controversial opinion on video games 

I definitely agree with you, but I think the industry is starting to introduce big problems for games to have a long life time, especially on console.

Whenever you get a game now, you have the "basic" game on your physical support, but developers now rely a lot on later updates and patch. So if you got a game breaking bug in the "base" game, it then gets corrected after the initial release.

Now those updates and patches are delivered from the console manufacturers servers (be it Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft) which isn't good, because when they close the servers after 10+ years, you can't access this content anymore, leading to sometimes entire portions of the game gone (hello Monster Hunter 3 on Wii that had half of it's content online).

Of course there will be some means to get these pieces back thanks to the communities, but it will often mean being able to hack your console, which a lot of people can't.

So waiting might mean losing content in the future

controversial opinion on video games 

@raeaw Now that you wrote that, I am starting to wonder if the whole Game As A Service and killing games that are always-online (even if not multiplayer) is a marketing tactic to capitalize on people's fear of missing out.
I follow Ross Scott's school of thought. I buy AAA games when they are as cheap as a sandwich.

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