uk/us political joke 

kier starmer is just beto o'rourke for the brits

in many ways, I am already an 83 year old woman in that my back and knees always hurt and I love wulong tea

long story short, I'm looking for a new bank for the 3rd time in 3 years

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quick explanation but still pretty long 

supposedly the debit cards and checks (if people still use checks) will still work and they had previously stated that the routing and account numbers will be the same but it's still been an awful experience for everyone involved

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quick explanation but still pretty long 

simple was a subsidiary bank of bbva. they shut down simple this weekend and had been promising a quick and easy transition for months but 🙃 you know how it goes. so now all the former simple bank members technically have bbva accounts but no one can access online banking and the customer service line just does not work. most people (including myself) haven't been able to get ahold of a rep and those who have seem to have been hung up on???

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anybody hear about the abysmal situation going on with the transition between simple and bbva banks?

seitan? absolutely. impossible/beyond beef? sure. but tofu???

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I hate ordering groceries online and seeing tofu in the "meat alternatives" section because no vegetarians (or whoever is buying it) consider it a meat alternative. it's just fucking tofu, give it its own virtual aisle

I just sneezed like 5 times in a row and I think I saw god

unasked-for tidbit of context on the narrowness 

@raccoonparadise on the east coast there's a fair number of buildings like that because the tax on them used to be determined by the width of buildings, so less width = less taxes and some hilariously narrow buildings

one time in 7th grade I told my friend not to screw something up and my teacher yelled at me because it was improper speech

this makes more sense when you realize I went to c*th*l*c school

used to drink exclusively black tea but now I'm a wulong bitch

I am 25 years old and I still struggle to close an umbrella about 50% of the time

does anyone have any suggestions for good chelsea boots? I need boots because I'm gay™️ but I HATE shoelaces

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