Do any & developers know of a good tool for 3D map-making?
I looked at TrenchBroom, but it doesn't fit my need. I want to make a few houses for my current game project (where you move in with physically simulated furniture, moving boxes, etc. Think "Unpacking" but 3D first person with physics.)
I am comfortable making a map-importing system as long as the file format has good documentation

Please boost to help find some good mapmaking tools!

Probably an important detail, I also have experience with making addons for Godot (see my subtitles addon :
I would likely try to make something that works in-editor and at runtime because I want to be able to use the same mapmaking tool for user content

@queenofsquiggles For your use-case, may I recommend Blender and it's built-in add-on Archimesh? It was designed to make buildings easily, and because it's a Blender add-on, you can do all the stuff blender does, like make your own materials, export it as GLTF and maybe even render a good-looking picture for marketing 😀

@maksu That sounds really interesting. I'll have to try it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

@queenofsquiggles something I am trying to make is basically a first person csg editor reminiscent of BUILD. It's doable, but I ran into scope creeping.

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